Landscape Contractor Services -Northern California

Landscape Contractor Services – Northern California

Serving all of San Francisco Bay Area, Gilroy to San Jose

At Flora Terra Landscape Management services, we bring quality workmanship and attention to detail to all landscape construction projects. We offer award winning landscape constructor services for all commercial projects, office buildings, retail properties, hospitals, and apartment, condominiums and homeowners associations. Sustainable landscapes, landscape maintenance and water management are our specialties.

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As a property developer, construction company or property owner, you rely on a capable landscape contractor to complement the mastery of your skills. The success of any landscaping project depends on careful planning and skilful implementation. As a professional landscape and irrigation contractor service, Flora Terra Landscape Management has the necessary skill and knowledge of landscape and irrigation materials, and proper installation methods to ensure an enduring and beautiful landscape.

What we do as landscape contractors:

  • We study the soil, native plants, water drainage, and ensure long-term plant health
  • We’ll help create suitable ground conditions, recommend stones and gravel suitable for the location and intended use
  • Design Custom irrigation and water management controls for minimized runoff and optimum water usage

At Flora Terra Landscape Management, we have a trained and experienced staff, which helps realize your vision from design to implementation. Our landscape architects, irrigation technicians, arborists and water managers work together with our landscape contractors towards successful completion of the job.

We offer design–build services that give you the advantages of enhanced communication and increased accountability. Regardless of the size of your landscape project, attention to detail in every aspect results in the high-quality, sustainable and water-friendly landscapes that you expect.
Flora Terra Landscape Management Services is committed to the successful completion of your project – on time and within budget!

Give us a call today at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online landscaping services request form to take advantage of Flora Terra’s professional landscape contractor services.