Palm Tree Pruning

Expert Palm Tree Pruning Services – San Jose Area

Prevent Unnecessary Damage to Your Palm Trees

Flora Terra’s ISA-certified arborists have extensive experience with California palm tree pruning. Our expertise takes the guess work out of tree care and protects your beautiful palms from over-trimming and damage. Bay Area business parks, commercial complexes, estates and home owner’s associations rely on us for meticulous palm tree pruning and landscape maintenance.

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The palm doesn’t grow like a typical tree so one needs to exercise utmost caution during palm tree pruning. Unlike most other trees, cutting doesn’t improve palm growth; it causes damage and may even kill it. Palm tree trimming or pruning requires in depth knowledge of this gorgeous but sensitive plant. Each one grows differently so proper palm tree care involves recognizing the kind of treatments and maintenance it requires.

Why choose Flora Terra’s palm tree pruning service?

  • We conduct a detailed tree assessment to determine the exact treatment and amount of palm tree pruning required.
  • Varied experience with palm tree trimming across San Jose, San Francisco, Livermore Valley, Walnut Creek and the Napa region enables us to deliver satisfying results.
  • Flora Terra’s certified arborists provided dedicated maintenance services to ensure vibrant palm tree growth and year-round appeal.

What makes palm tree pruning a difficult task?

  • The trunk is an extension of its tissue and excessive trimming can cause irreversible damage
  • Roots are not deep but grow in a rootball and are extremely sensitive
  • Ideal number of leaves is specific to each tree and reducing them affects their food production and intake
  • Removing or cutting healthy leaves weakens the tree leaving it vulnerable to wind, disease and pests
  • Decayed or broken leaves must be careful removed to prevent trunk damage
  • Production of seeds and fruit reduces strength and must be dealt with properly
  • Vibrant growth requires comprehensive tree care including tree fertilization and trimming

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