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Tree Pest and Tree Disease Control Services

Serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Bay Area

Flora Terra Landscape Management services provides a comprehensive pest and disease control service to protect your commercial, retail, medical facility or apartment HOA landscape from all kinds of plant and tree infections, insect damage and pests.

A landscape with unhealthy trees is a sore sight and detracts from the image a property, looks unkept, and may be unsafe. Plants are susceptible to infections and damage by fungi, insects and animal pests. Diseases and pests can cause substantial and occasionally fatal damage to trees, shrubs and other plants in a landscape.

It is not possible for large property owners, retail centers and commercial property owners to keep a lookout for infections and diseases that might attack plants.

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Flora Terra Landscape Management services are available in all areas of San Jose and greater San Francisco Bay Area including Walnut Creek, Napa, Vallejo, Livermore, Gilroy and Burlingame.

There are many types of pests and diseases that may affect your landscape:

  • Plant disease-causing organisms include viruses, bacteria, fungi and nematodes.
  • Insects are of two kinds – leaf-eating insects like aphids, mealy bugs, beetles, thrips, and caterpillars or moth
  • larvae and wood-boring insects like beetles, borers and weevils.
  • Some of the animal pests that attack landscapes are mice, gophers, groundhogs, wild rabbits and moles.

Flora Terra’s ISA certified arborists and tree care specialists employ ISA approved practices for selection of the correct and safe processes to eliminate landscape pests and diseases. We also provide a long term systemic pest and disease control care that prevents the diseases and pests from returning.

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