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Comprehensive commercial property management

Property management services in Santa Clara County

Improve curb appeal and real estate value with expert landscape maintenance

Flora Terra’s expert property management services will ensure that your commercial space looks great in all kinds of weather. Our low-cost landscape maintenance and water-wise irrigation systems achieve striking results in a cost-effective manner.

Want to maintain curb appeal all year round? HOAs, estates, golf courses, campuses and business parks all across the Bay Area depend on our proven property management services to improve real estate appearance and value. They know that our experienced team of landscape maintenance technicians and CLCA certified water managers employ the latest techniques to save time and money.

Property management is a full-time responsibility. Flora Terra Landscape Management offers skilled property maintenance services so that you can concentrate on running your business.

Call 408-275-1200 or fill out our online form to request commercial property management services.

Why choose Flora Terra’s property management services?

  • Experienced lawn/turf maintenance: Round-the-clock lawn maintenance including mowing, weeding, overseeding and aeration by our turf experts ensures the grass is always green on your side of the fence.
  • Expert tree and shrub care: Our licensed arborists and tree care specialists enhance growth while effectively protecting your plants from harsh weather and disease. Pruning, fertilizing, transplanting or removal, you can count on us to do it all.
  • Water-efficient irrigation:Are you spending more on water than you should? We can conduct a commercial water use audit to determine your actual requirements and suggest effective improvements. Our latest drip systems and timed controllers apply water to ET rates which helps avoid any water wastage.
  • Effective pest control: Troubled with fungi, animals or insects on your property? Our comprehensive pest and disease control service keeps your landscape in optimum health.
  • Skilled hardscape maintenance: Experienced staff and latest pressure washing equipment removes, dirt, grime and stains without damaging your expensive hardscapes.
  • Meticulous external site cleaning and refuse clearance: Regular sweeping, cleaning and refuse clearance will help maintain your neat and clean property.

Flora Terra Landscape Management offers comprehensive property management services. Phone us at 408-275-1200 .