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Landscaping Services – San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area

Commercial Landscaping Services for The San Jose Bay Area

Professionals For Water Management, and Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial landscapers in the San Jose Bay Area requires special skills for commercial landscaping services and knowledge compared to the rest of the Bay Area, San Jose and Silicon Valley. San Francisco’s weather, water demands have limitations, and air quality require a commercial landscaping service provider who understands and can recommend the the most cost effective solutions for commercial, HOA, retail and estate properties.

Flora Terra specializes in commercial and estate services for landscaping, water conservation, plant selection, lawn maintenance and more. At Flora Terra, we provide all commercial property owners (including office complexes and corporate campuses) and estate property owners a low cost landscape installation and maintenance service, while keeping environment consciousness in mind.

If you are based in San Jose and the South Bay, and want a perfectly manicured and landscaped property, give us a call at Flora Terra Landscape Management.

Why choose Flora Terra for your Commercial Landscaping in The San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area ?

  • Selecting plants for your landscape is an important step in landscape design. The ISA certified arborists at Flora Terra help select trees and shrubs for your property that are best suited for the unique weather conditions of the San Francisco area.
  • Flora Terra is committed to water conservation. We use water-efficient irrigation methods like drip irrigation systems and ‘smart’ solar power controllers on your residential or commercial property.
  • The CLCA certified water managers and IA certified water auditors evaluate and gauge the proper use of water drainage and help you develop water budgets for your landscaping requirements.

Our Commercial Landscape Services and Satisfied Clients

Our satisfied clients of our San Jose, Santa Clara and other San Francisco Bay Area landscaping projects are benefiting from our expertise, saving money and preserving their capital investment. See our portfolio examples of  landscaping projects.

Become a part of this happy group of commercial property owners.

Call Flora Terra today at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online landscaping request form to find out how you could have a great looking, environmentally conscious property!

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