Tree Care / Arborists

Commercial Tree Care and Arborist Services In San Jose Area

At FloraTerra, we know that besides the weather, untrained, unqualified care can be your trees’ worst enemies. We deliver professional tree care services with our fully trained and ISA-certified arborists who will ensure the vibrant health and beauty of your trees for a long, natural life.

Our specialists offer unique problem solving with proactive and modern techniques to managing the trees that add beauty and enhance the value of your commercial property. Our specialists are certified arborists and experts you can trust! For more than 10 years, we have upheld the best customer service standards. Immediate response to your tree care concerns and open communication as you need it, when you need it – that is FloraTerra’s promise of excellence.

Please call 408.275-1200 or contact us via this form for information about our arborist services or to request a quote.

Our trained specialists take your tree care very seriously and deliver value in the services they bring to your property. We know that proper tree and plant care, delivered at the proper time promotes healthy growth, prevents potential damage from wind and rain and saves weakened branches. Our modern, safe and pro-active techniques help ensure your trees are naturally resistant to insects and fungi. We never apply techniques that cause your trees to become vulnerable to weather damage or disease. We know that careful trimming applied at appropriate times can ensure that your trees have a healthy amount of foliage. This also ensures that sufficient light and air get to the leaves and branches and keep your trees strong, healthy, and vibrant.

Our tree services include:

  • Property line clearance, plus tree removal and stump grinding for those times when renovations are necessary.
  • New landscape planning, fresh tree planting, and cabling, bracing or staking of young trees.
  • Regular healthy plant care, including fertilizing, pruning, and pest/disease control.
  • Hazardous tree inspections and nuisance fruit prevention for overall property value maintenance.

Our specialists support your tree maintenance with 24-hour emergency service too.

Call us anytime at 408.275-1200 if you are experiencing any problems with the trees on your property and our trained arborists will be at your service.

The arborist specialists at FloraTerra strive to ensure that your trees are healthy and strong for a long time. We apply the latest professional techniques in tree careto make sure that trees on your commercial property offers you enhanced long term value.