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Customer Service

Landscaping Services for Commercial, HOA & Retail Property Managers

At Flora Terra we understand that Customer Service is just as important as property appearance. Our Account Managers and customer service personnel stand committed to meeting expectations and supporting our Clients’ job responsibilities.

Customer Service

Our customers service is impeccable for the apartment complex, commercial office, retail shopping center or HOA. Property Managers and Facility Directors face a multitude of day to day challenges. Because your time is valuable, you expect your landscaping vendors and contractors to perform to specifications. At Flora Terra, we understand that the last thing you need is to feel like you’re the one managing your contractor’s personnel or that you have to point out obvious landscape deficiencies. You expect appropriate supervision, efficient communications, and prompt response to your landscaping needs.

Client Support

Our mission is to support our clients with their property management job responsibilities. This means well supervised crews that address maintenance priorities weekly. It means having one point of contact, your Flora Terra Account Manager, a customer service and landscape management professional you can trust. It means that any concern will be resolved quickly and efficiently. It means accurate annual landscape cost projections, budget support, and an expectation that timely and cost effective solutions will be presented to solve landscape challenges.

Web Based Service Request System

Landscape problems can occur after hours or between service visits. And when you do have a problem, you don’t want to deal with automated answering, employee directories, or voice mail. You need to know that your problem has been heard and that action is being taken to handle it quickly and professionally.

Our web based Service Request system will deliver your request day or night. You’ll receive confirmation and acknowledgement that your request has been received and in process. When completed, you will get a return email, with phone call if desired, letting you know specifically what action has been taken to address and resolve your concern.

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