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Irrigation Systems Design & Installation

Irrigation Systems Design and Installation

Serving: San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Fremont, Morgan Hill and South Santa Clara County

Flora Terra Landscape Management offers the most professional and complete irrigation systems design and installation services for all commercial projects, office blocks, retail centers, hospitals and medical offices, municipalities, and apartment blocks, condominiums and homeowners associations. We guarantee cost-effective and quality service to our customers.

Call us today at 408-275-1200 and request our irrigation technicians to visit your property. We install irrigation systems that are custom designed for your specific landscaping and irrigation needs.

Your retail, commercial, hospital, or apartment / HOA property merits the sound investment in a well designed irrigation system. The beautiful and verdant landscapes that add a touch of class to your commercial premises need professional nurturing. A company that specializes in irrigation systems design and installation will serve all requirements of your property landscape and ensure that your investment gives returns many times over.

Flora Terra Landscape Management’s irrigation and water management services are available in all areas of San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Fremont, and Morgan Hill.

Why you should use Flora Terra as your irrigation technicians:

  • We use top quality equipment and parts for your irrigation systems
  • We plan irrigation zone techniques while designing your landscapes. If plants with similar watering needs are planted together, you’ll conserve water – and reduce your water bills substantially!
  • We use water-efficient irrigation methods like drip irrigation and automatic irrigation systems with wired and wireless sensors – giving you total control on where and when your water is distributed around the garden
  • As an EPA WaterSense Partner, we are committed to using environmentally sustainable irrigation methods.
  • Our smart controllers ensure that your landscape gets the right amount of water it needs automatically
  • Our irrigation systems repair and maintenance services ensure smooth running of your irrigation system, without any hydraulic problems, throughout the year
  • Our highly skilled CLCA certified water managers and IA certified water auditors design water budgets for you that save you money and help in water conservation

Call us today at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online irrigation services request form to arrange an irrigation systems service consultation. You can find out how to take advantage of our cost-effective wired and wireless irrigation zoning systems.