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Irrigation Management

Irrigation and Water Management for Commercial Office, Home Owners Associations, Retail and Corporate Facilities

Water conservation is important to all of us. Efficient irrigation techniques and watering systems used on your commercial landscape can have a hugely positive impact on the environment. FloraTerra utilizes the latest technology and the finest irrigation products to boost your water management and conservation efforts.

As a full service commercial landscaping company offering all related water management and tree care services, we design custom irrigation plans that will reflect your site needs. Our knowledgeable staff will install the irrigation system and ensure regular maintenance, repairs, drainage and upgrades to meet your commercial property’s irrigation needs.

Using the best urban irrigation systems and drainage techniques, FloraTerra ensures the natural removal of surface and sub-surface water accumulation. Various types of irrigation methods ensure water is distributed to the landscaping and trees at times that best suit its absorption while conserving resources as much as possible.

Your irrigation needs will be optimally served by FloraTerra’s experienced use of modern irrigation techniques that include:

  • Automatic, timed sprinkler and spray systems
  • Seasonal and water-wise drip systems
  • Pitcher and pot irrigation systems
  • WaterSmart irrigation controllers, and more

(Note: EBMUD offers vouchers for the purchase of qualifying WaterSmart controllers. Customers who use at least 750 gpd for landscape irrigation may qualify for a $300 voucher. Larger irrigators may qualify for up to $600 or $1,200 vouchers. Contact FloraTerra to find out how you can start saving.

Irrigation Quick Facts:

Incorporating drip irrigation systems into your landscape water can be more accurately targeted and at a much lower rate than overhead spray. (EBMUD offers rebates to customers that install drip irrigation systems.)
Irrigation controllers can be used to break up the application of water into shorter run times, allowing the soil to absorb more of the applied water to reach your plant’s root zone in an irrigation day.
Lawns planted in very sandy soils will require less than ½ inch each watering day but more frequent application.
Your landscape does not need as much water in April as it does in July. You can adjust watering schedules for the seasonal changes.

Please call (408) 275-1200   or  fill out our online form for information about our irrigation services for your commercial property.

Irrigation Experts Serving the San Jose Bay Area

We service the San Francisco Bay area including, San Jose, Cupertino, Gilroy, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and the South County region with high-end irrigation services and solutions designed for the local environment.

At FloraTerra, we share your concern for water usage and consumption. For over a decade we have been involved in design and implementation of water efficient landscaping. Our carefully applied irrigation solutions will ensure the most efficient use of water while ensuring the healthy life and longevity of your trees, grasses, shrubs and flowers.

We adhere to local and state regulations that control water usage and implement fundamental water conservation techniques. When appropriate, we employ high-tech irrigation control systems to ensure effective water consumption and usage without compromising the local water quality or aesthetics.

Call us at (408) 275-1200 or fill in this form for information or a water management quote. Learn more about our irrigation installation and management services.

Our Irrigation Services include:

  • Irrigation management audits, along with a careful examination of water usage and urban runoff
  • Seasonal irrigation adjustments and installation of water-smart irrigation controllers
  • Routine checks of your irrigation system and drip irrigation systems

Call us at (408) 275-1200 and we’ll help you start the best irrigation management for your property right away.

Implementing the use of efficient and water-wise irrigation and drip systems can save you significant amounts of money while reducing your overall water consumption. Implementing proper irrigation techniques can also provide targeted moisture to landscaping elements such as trees, bushes and grasses to ensure a healthy and verdant landscape while minimizing water usage on your commercial properties.