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Commercial Palm Tree Pruning

Commercial Palm Tree Pruning Services |San Jose | Santa Clara | Sunnyvale | Mountain View | Fremont | Silicon Valley Area’s

The San Jose Bay Area is known for its many varieties of palm trees. Many commercial developments, home owners associations and commercial building owners find that with proper establishment and commercial palm tree pruning requires minimal care and upkeep. That said, the secret to growing healthy and robust palm trees is managing the water and nutrient levels for optimal growth. Early detection of infectious disease, fungus and harmful pathogens are other important factors that must be carefully mitigated through localized treatments, maintenance and care of your palm trees.

FloraTerra Landscape Management’s ISA certified technicians offer a commercial palm tree pruning service that is custom tailored for mitigating the harmful effects of infectious disease, fungus pathogens and other known pests effecting bay area palm trees. If not properly monitored and treated, pests & disease could eventually harm or even kill your valuable palm tree assets.

We serve all areas of Silicon Valley including: San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Fremont and The Surrounding Bay Area.

In the world of commercial palm tree pruning, it’s a known truth that proper sanitation methods, including hygiene and disposal are all important factors in containing palm tree disease. Mitigating and controlling palm tree disease requires special monitoring, care and protection. Our ISA certified technicians are trained to protect and control against infectious disease, our methods include a complete sanitation of specialized tools, equipment, and technician clothing prior to commencing work.

Why choose our Commercial Tree Pruning Service?

  • We conduct a detailed tree assessment to determine the exact treatment and amount of palm tree pruning required.
  • Varied experience with commercial tree trimming across San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Fremont, region enables us to deliver satisfying results.
  • Flora Terra’s certified arborists provided dedicated maintenance services to ensure vibrant palm tree growth and year-round appeal.

Commercial Palm Tree Pruning & Maintenance For Health & Wellness

  • Provide palms with optimal growing conditions.
  • For best nutrient, water intake, and drainage levels, soil must be composed of salt free sand and humus.
  • New planted palms must be irrigated frequently during establishment to a depth of 18” for proper soil moisture
  • Established palms in the right growing environment require less water and are fairly drought resistant.
  • Sterilization of tools, equipment, and clothing are all necessary for containing infectious disease and pathogens.
  • Removal and disposal of disease infected plants, branches and stems are vital for containing active disease.
  • Fertilizers containing micro nutrients of manganese, magnesium, and potassium are vital for optimal growth
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases are key factors in maintaining healthy palm trees.

Phone (408) 275-1200 for our commercial palm tree pruning, tree care and landscape maintenance services in the San Jose, Santa Clara and surrounding Bay Area.

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