Lawn Care Services Company San Jose

Lawn Care Services Company, San Jose

Complete mowing, weed and pest control, water management services – Serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill CA

If you want a green, healthy and pest and weed-free lawn, Flora Terra Landscape Management is who you are looking for. We provide the comprehensive lawn care services for commercial projects, office buildings, retail properties, hospitals, and apartment, condominiums and homeowners associations.

Call us today at 408-275-1200 and request a visit from our lawn care professionals and get a lawn care program customized for your property.

With the constant talk of being eco-friendly and going green, one often and easily forgets that “going green” literally is an idea every property can achieve! A lush green lawn is the pride of any property and conveys a professional image of your business. Sometimes mowing and watering aren’t always enough for growing and maintaining a beautiful lawn. To get the thick, healthy turf with vibrant color that you want, it’s best to use a professional lawn care service.

Flora Terra Landscape Management Services provides lawn care services in all areas of San Jose, San Francisco, Livermore Valley, Walnut Creek, and the Napa region. From multi-building commercial complexes like the Fair Oaks Business Park in Sunnyvale to the multiple medical campuses of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and large apartment communities like Waterford Place in North San Jose, we’ve ensured healthy green lawns throughout the Bay Area.

How Flora Terra takes care of your lawn:

  • Our lawn maintenance services keep a schedule of regular fertilization, mowing, aeration and thatch control
  • Lawn replacement is carried out on bare patches in high traffic areas or due to disease or pest infestation
  • Our integrated pest management service assures you a lawn free of weeds, insects and diseases
  • We have fully trained ISA certified arborists who carefully select the type of grass for your lawn based on your requirement after studying factors like soil pH, and the micro climate of the region

No matter what the season, Flora Terra Landscape Management helps your lawn look its best. Care is taken to ensure that the lawn grows and thrives even in the heat of summer and looks well-maintained in winters as well.

Flora Terra’s water management and irrigation services use a combination of sprinklers and modern irrigation methods that reduce your water budgets substantially – while keeping your lawns lush green and vibrant.

Call Flora Terra today at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online lawn care contact form to get an estimate and find out how you could have green, clean and manicured lawns – all year round!