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Bay Friendly Landscape Professionals

Bay Friendly Landscape Professionals | Commercial Property Landscaping | San Jose, CA

bay-friendly-flora-terraBay-friendly landscape professionals like Flora Terra Landscape Management Services adopt practices that foster soil health, conserve water and other valuable resources while reducing waste and preventing pollution. We offer sustainable landscaping services with an integrated approach that works in harmony with the natural environment conditions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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“Bay-friendly Landscaping is a whole systems approach to the design, construction and maintenance of the landscape in order to support the integrity of one of California’s most magnificent ecosystems, the San Francisco Bay watershed.” — Alameda County Waste Management Authority

At Flora Terra, we design, create and maintain Bay-friendly landscapes by following these core principles:

  • Landscape to suit local Bay area environmental characteristics
  • Landscape to ensure less waste to the landfill
  • Nurture the soil ongoing
  • Conserve water
  • Conserve energy
  • Protect water and air quality
  • Create and conserve wildlife habitat

Flora Terra provides Bay-friendly landscaping services for commercial complexes, medical campuses, business parks, retail and industrial properties, estate properties and home owners’ associations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

A well-designed and maintained Bay-friendly Landscape offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction in long term maintenance costs
  • Fewer resources consumed
  • Lower water bills
  • Less garbage
  • Increased environmental benefits
  • Commitment to the community values of health, wildlife and the environment

Call us today at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online form to find out how our Bay-friendly landscape professionals can be of service.