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Fire Preventive Landscaping

Fire Preventive Landscaping

Serving San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Fremont, Morgan Hill and South Santa Clara County.

Fire preventive landscaping is perhaps a grossly neglected area of safety for residential and commercial properties. While other preventive measures like fire hydrants, extinguishers and even fire safety plans are usually in place, not many people include fire preventive landscaping on their safety checklist.

Now, if you worry about California wildfires threatening your property, be aware that your landscape can actually be a safeguard and preventive measure against possible disaster.

Professional landscaping companies like Flora Terra Landscape Management Services offer fire preventive landscaping services that minimize possible fire damage and slow down fires if they start.

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Improper landscaping can greatly increase the risk of structure and property damage from fire. While planning and designing your fire preventive landscape, we ensure the following:

  • Creation of a secure space around the structure that helps to reduce the intensity of the fire and keeps it away from the building / home.
  • Use of fire-resistant plants on the landscape that hinder the forward movement of fire.
  • Incorporation of structural elements in the design like walkways, retaining walls and concrete or flagstone decks and patios that deter the spread of fire.

Flora Terra provides effective fire preventive landscaping services for commercial complexes, medical campuses, business parks, retail and industrial properties, estate properties and home owners’ associations in all areas of San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Morgan Hill.

Fire preventive landscaping is a critical part of your property’s defense system. Our landscape maintenance services make sure your landscape remains fire safe by regular mowing, pruning, mulching, leaf raking and removal of dead plant matter.

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Be fire-wise. Remember – Fire preventive landscaping can save your loved ones, your employees and YOU!