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California Native Oak Planting and Tree-Care

California native oak planting and tree care is an expert’s job

We Serve the San Jose / Santa Clara Bay Area

The California native oak is a splendid heritage tree that requires expert tree care. Whether you planting a new one or caring for an old one, inexperience, mishandling and the slightest change in its environment can weaken or kill your pride and joy.

Flora Terra Landscape Management’s ISA-certified arborists have proven expertise in California native oak planting and tree care. Bay Area commercial complexes, medical campuses, business parks, retail and industrial properties, estate properties and home owners’ associations rely on us to protect and preserve these magnificent giants. We also provide professional landscape maintenance.

Call us at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online form to schedule an oak tree care consultation in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose, Morgan Hill, Milpitas, Fremont, Pleasanton and Milpitas.

How will Flora Terra’s professional tree care preserve your California native oaks?

  • Our extensive experience with California native oak planting and tree care will help promote vibrant growth for your trees.
  • We have the expertise to avoid unnecessary risks like overwatering, too much or too little tree fertilization, tampering with natural grade, etc.
  • We ensures that the root protection zone (RPZ) is undisturbed and surrounding area (six feet around is crucial) is free of incompatible vegetation.
  • We work to improve drainage and provide appropriate growing conditions like deep watering and essential nutrients. We also remove impediments such as compacting soil, debris, etc. in the prescribed manner.
  • We effectively deal with insects, disease, damage and moisture issues and offer valuable advice during property improvements and installation of swimming pools.

Why is California native oak tree planting and tree care so important?

The California native oak is a symbol of glory that enhances the beauty of your property. You want to make sure that it gets the proper attention and tree care it deserves.

  • Needs ample space that is free from other vegetation requiring summer irrigation, disease and property improvement activities in order to flourish
  • The smallest changes in the surrounding area can damage or kill a native oak
  • The tree’s root protection zone (RPZ) must be left undisturbed
  • Young tree roots must have adequate moisture to sustain future growth
  • Mature oaks (no matter how healthy) are vulnerable to trenching, paving, poor drainage and soil compaction
  • Excessive moisture and over watering causes fungus and rotting
  • Over pruning of limbs and branches is harmful and may destroy the oak tree

Contact Flora Terra at 408-275-1200 for expertise in California native oak planting and tree care in San Jose, San Francisco, Livermore Valley, Walnut Creek and the Napa region.