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Care and Planting of Fruit Trees-San Jose, CA

Care and Planting of Fruit Trees, Plus Other Seasonal Services

Serving San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area

Care and planting of fruit trees require knowledge and experience. Flora Terra’s ISA-certified arborists use their expertise to keep your trees healthy and fruitful. Our tree management service delivers effective treatments that promote growth and vibrancy throughout the plant’s lifecycle. We specialize in the care and planting of fruit trees, and other seasonal services like winter shrubbery and plant care.

Call us at (408) 275-1200 or fill out our online form to discuss care and planting of fruit trees.

From tree planting to tree maintenance, seasonal services and tree removal – orchards, HOAs, business parks, commercial complexes and estates in San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area rely on us to get the job done efficiently.

Flora Terra’s care and planting of fruit trees includes:

  • Experienced fruit tree selection: We’ll help you identify suitable fruit tree varieties and choose the right plant.
  • Picking the right tree size and preventing root exposure during the planting process helps fruit trees establish strong foundations.
  • Careful fruit tree site preparation: Location, soil depth and sun exposure are crucial to fruit tree health. A planting hole with insufficient depth leads to crown rot while decomposed materials in the soil and early fertilization can be toxic. Our experience in care and planting of fruit trees will eliminate these risks.
  • Fruit tree planting expertise: Planting techniques influence tree growth and fruit yield. Our arborists ensure quality care and correct planting of fruit trees. We can judge exactly how much of the root ball needs to be cut or gently pulled away before planting. We take steps to avoid air pockets when filling the soil and prevent sunburn of young trees). It takes a trained arborist’s eye to determine the required soil line.
  • Proper irrigation: Over or under watering will damage your expensive investments. Irrigation methods and schedules depend on type of soil and tree species. Mulch must also be kept at the right distance to avoid rot. Flora Terra’s skilled arborists take the guess work and frustration out of the care and planting of fruit trees.
  • Precise heading: Tree height is crucial to pruning, thinning, pest management and harvesting. We can tell which branches need to be trimmed and which shouldn’t be touched because they will produce new shoots. This avoids damaging and weakening your fruit trees.

Flora Terra Landscape Management’s expert care and planting of fruit trees increases fruit produce and keeps your trees healthy round the year.

Phone (408) 275-1200 for top quality care and planting of fruit trees in Northern California.