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Experienced tree services by ISA-Certified arborist

Expert tree services in Santa Clara County

Tree care for oaks, palms and small orchards

Even the most vibrant landscapes can benefit from professional tree services. Experienced tree care is crucial to maintaining their good health and looks. Whether you’ve invested in majestic oaks, stately palms or any other California species it’s important to ensure that they are getting the right nutrients and year-round attention they need.

Flora Terra’s ISA-certified arborists offer expert tree services for commercial properties and orchards in the Bay area. Experience, proven treatments and advanced equipment enables us to enhance the life of your trees. Take advantage of our complete tree management services to ensure satisfying results throughout the life-cycle of your trees.

Call 408-275-1200 or fill out our online form to request tree services for your commercial property.

What do Flora Terra’s tree services include?

  • Innovative tree landscaping: Tree placement and design is a key element of landscape planning. Our creative tree landscapers will ensure that your trees enhance the look of your property.
  • Expert tree planting/transplanting: Selecting trees suitable to your growing conditions and proper preparations of the planting area impacts tree health. Our expert tree selection plus cabling, bracing or staking services for young plants extend tree life.
  • Complete tree management: Trees need regular attention. We provide proven fertilization and pest/disease control treatments plus experienced pruning to preserve your trees.
  • Hazardous tree inspections: A leaning, cracked or weak tree poses high risk of personal and property damage. We will evaluate your tree to see whether it can be saved or if it needs to be removed.
  • Specialist palm tree services: Over trimming or pruning will damage your beautiful palm trees. We have the expertise to ensure vibrant growth and damage protection.
  • California native oak planting and care: California oaks need specialized care. Our experienced arborists are well versed in planting, fertilizing and maintenance of oak trees.
  • Winter tree care: Trees need special attention during the winter. Our winter care expertise prepares them for the cold weather and protects them from rot and disease.
  • Fruit tree care: Pests, rodents and extreme temperatures affect fruit tree health and yield. Our experienced tree services improve tree life and increase production capacity.
  • Tree removal and stump grinding: Whether you are taking on landscape renovation or property development, we’ll remove tree stumps that get in your way.
  • 24-emergency service: We have a 24-hour emergency tree service to take care of maintenance issues that need immediate attention.

HOAs, estates, golf courses and business parks count on Flora Terra Landscape Management’s recognized tree services to preserve and protect their curb appeal.
Phone us at 408-275-1200 .