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Fruit Tree Care in the Winter

Experienced fruit tree care in the winter increases produce

Serving San Jose, Walnut Creek and San Francisco Bay Area

Fruit tree care in the winter by Flora Terra Landscape Management’s ISA-certified arborists will preserve your cherished fruit trees. We’ll help ensure that you enjoy a bountiful produce next growing season. Fruit trees require professional winter care if you want healthy fruit and maximum yield. Property maintenance services don’t always know the difference between caring for flowering bushes and fruit trees. Inexperience or lack of knowledge will treat all your trees as equal and the results can be irretrievable damage.

Call us at (408) 275-1200 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for fruit tree care in the winter.

Flora Terra’s expertise with winter fruit tree care in Northern California provides lasting protection from

  • Extreme cold and freezing temperatures
  • Pest infestations like worms, caterpillars and moths
  • Rodent problems, especially rabbits and mice
  • Damage to tree structure

Our professional arborists are well known for their expert tree care and tree fertilization services for fruit trees in the San Jose, Walnut Creek and San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve helped numerous orchards increase their production capacity by improving the health of their fruit trees. There is no substitute for experienced winter care for your delicate fruit trees. Both, quality and quantity of your fruit are hugely impacted by the winter tree care you provide.

What does Flora Terra’s winter care service for fruit trees include?

  • Expert pruning: Knowing when to prune fruit trees is key to their good health. Dates, cherries, plums, etc. all have a different schedule, as do mature and young fruit trees.
  • Wrapping to prevent insect and rodent problems: Flora Terra’s certified arborists know precisely when wrapping tree trunks is effective and when it needs to be combined with soil and/or mulch covering to increase protection. We also provide insect and rodent control if necessary.
  • Dealing with damage: Damaged tree barks and limbs need attention if you want to preserve overall tree health.
  • Flora Terra offers effective remedies and expert fruit tree care in winter.

Phone (408) 275-1200 for professional Northern California fruit tree care in winter.