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Palm Tree Care in Winter

Skilled palm tree care in the winter promotes overall health and growth

Serving San Jose, Walnut Creek and San Francisco Bay Areas

Palm tree care in the winter helps your beautiful palms prepare for whatever winter throws their way. Northern California winters can be unpredictable with sudden dips in temperature, freezing cold and strong winds. Prevent serious trunk, tissue and root damage by getting the right treatment before the cold sets in.

Flora Terra Landscape Management’s ISA-certified arborists provide specialist tree care and tree fertilization services for palm trees, fruit trees and California native oaks. Your heritage and ornamental trees need professional attention and our tree experts deliver satisfying results. Business parks, commercial complexes, estates and homeowners’ associations in the San Jose, Palo Alto, Livermore and the San Francisco Bay Area use our exceptional palm tree care in the winter and year-round.

Call us at (408) 275-1200 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with our Northern California arborist team.

Why is Flora Terra’s palm tree in the winter so effective?

  • Protective shields for trees and plants: Whether it’s burlap, blankets or any other protective covering, our experienced arborists determine what’s best for your specific type of palm trees. We create effective barriers against the biting winds and freezing temperatures, especially for old and very young palms. Sudden chills and strong gusts can damage and weaken your trees. We recommend planting palms in an area that’s not totally exposed to the wind. It’s also important to remember that these covers should come off when the temperature warms up or you will be dealing with mold and rot.
  • Soil and mulch covers: Some palms might need a soil or mulch cover rather than a blanket or burlap, or even a combination of both. Flora Terra’s knowledgeable arborists quickly identify the best winter protection for your trees. Our expert palm tree care in winter prevents unnecessary structural damage and palm tree disease.
  • Recovery treatments for weak or ill palm trees: It’s never too late for remedial treatments. We have saved many seriously ill or damaged palms on commercial landscapes in Northern California. Our arborists offer expert remedial treatments (in case you’ve missed out on palm tree care in winter). We know how to effectively deal with root, tissue and trunk damage and promote proper growth in spring.

Vibrant California palms add splendor and brilliance to any landscape. Rely on Flora Terra Landscape Management’s professional palm tree care in winter (as well as year-round maintenance).

Call (408) 275-1200 for expert Northern California palm tree care in winter.