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Shrubbery and Plant Care Services Winter

Specialist shrubbery and plant care in the winter preserves and protects

Serving San Jose, Walnut Creek and San Francisco Bay Area

Professional shrubbery and plant care services in the winter prepare your landscape for the harsh elements. The hardened ground, decaying grass/leaves, lack of adequate moisture and nutrients and freezing temperatures weaken plants. This prevents them from springing back into healthy bloom when the new season arrives.

Flora Terra Landscape Management’s advanced shrubbery and plant care services in winter will ensure proper protection. You’ll also have more satisfying outcomes in spring. We have the qualified staff, latest equipment and techniques to maintain the good health of your commercial landscape. Our ISA-certified arborists and experienced landscaping technicians provide expert shrub, plant and tree care to business parks, commercial complexes, estates and homeowners’ associations. Our expert landscaping creations are all over the San Jose, Walnut Creek, Burlingame, and San Francisco Bay Area as a whole.

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Professional shrubbery and plant care services in winter ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect your flora and fauna from cold weather and wind damage. If you’ve had an insect/disease problem it’s best to deal with it right away rather than allow it to worsen during the winter months.

How will your shrubs and plants benefit from Flora Terra’s winter care?

  • Proper protection for young plants: Young shrubs and plants are like babies; they require more attention and protection in order to reach maturity. Moreover, every plant/shrub is different as is the winterizing treatment they need. Flora Terra’s extensive experience with a wide variety of Northern California plants enables us to provide the exact care that each requires.
  • Safeguarding mature foliage: Even mature shrubbery and plant care in winter is vital to their vibrancy and health. We cover them and providing adequate protection from chilling winds, frost and freezing temperatures. This helps increase their lifespan and reduce tissue and root damage.
  • Plant Fertilization and feeding: Flora Terra’s expertise in shrubbery and plant care in winter comes from experience and constant learning. Some plants need to be fertilized and others don’t, just like healthy plants don’t need insecticides or disease treatments. We take the time to determine what each one needs and our experience delivers proven solutions with increased effectiveness.

Flora Terra Landscape Management’s practiced shrubbery and plant care service in winter will result in breathtaking curb appeal and less maintenance during the growing season.

Phone (408) 275-1200 for skilled shrubbery and plant care service in winter in Northern California.