Tree and Shrub Care

Professional Tree and Shrub Care

Weather and unqualified care can be a tree’s worst enemies. FloraTerra. offers professional, ISA-certified care to assure your trees health and beauty for years to come. Our licensed team of Arborists and Tree Care Specialists will help give your trees the long life they deserve. Too much lush foliage shuts out light and air, which can make your trees vulnerable to disease, rain and wind damage, decay and insects. Proper tree care at the proper time promotes maximum growth, prevents damage from wind and rain, saves weakened branches and makes trees resistant to insects and fungi. Our modern, safe techniques handle the most rigorous and the most delicate tree care tasks. We never “top off” trees, which creates panic growth and makes them vulnerable to disease.

Try our Landscape Management Services:

  • Unique problem solving skills based on years of experience in commercial landscape management
  • Certified Arborists – Experts You Can Trust
  • English-Speaking Supervisors
  • Full-Range of Services from landscape review and Inspection to tree removal
  • Immediate response and open communication

Our Tree Care Services Include:

  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing
  • Water Management / Irrigation
  • Plant health care
  • Tree removal / stump grinding
  • Hazardous tree inspections
  • Tree Planting
  • Cabling, bracing, staking
  • Pest/disease control
  • Property line clearance
  • Nuisance fruit prevention
  • 24-Hour Emergency Arborist Services