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Winter Tree Care Services

Winter Tree Care Services in all areas of San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Fremont, Morgan Hill and South Santa Clara County.

At Flora Terra Landscape Management we offer professional winter tree care services for all commercial and residential properties, medical complexes, business parks, retail and industrial properties. Our experienced arborists will ensure proper winterization of your trees and protect your landscaping investment.

The wind, rain and possible snow in winter can be a danger for trees on your landscape. Exposure to tough weather conditions can cause stress, even though the trees may be dormant in winter. Proper winterization and tree care can help reduce that stress and ensure healthy trees in the spring.

Call us today at 408.275-1200 and get our highly trained arborists to prepare your trees for the winter and look after them throughout the cold winter.

Our winter tree care services include:

  • New plantings where the ground is not frozen
  • Care for new plants to ensure good root establishment
  • Watering when required to prevent winter drying
  • Mulching which helps preserve the soil moisture
  • Fertilization using slow release fertilizers which help good growth in spring
  • Insect control to ensure healthy trees
  • Pruning to remove dead, damaged or poorly growing branches

Our clients all over the San Jose / San Francisco / Oakland areas of Northern California take advantage of our winter tree care services as part of their landscaping programs. You too can ensure that your landscape remains healthy through the winter and grow vibrant when spring arrives.

Call Flora Terra today at 408.275-1200 Or fill out our online form and request a consultation for all your winter tree care service requirements.