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How much water do you need

Water wisely to avoid landscape and hardscape damage

Water efficiency in landscaping means knowing exactly how much water you need. Did you know that over watering causes more damage than the lack of it? The key to a healthy landscape is providing the right amount of nutrients, especially water.

Ask the professionals at Flora Terra Landscape Management how much water you need. Maintaining a vibrant commercial property requires a proper understanding of your growing conditions. We’re well versed with the soil and climate of Northern California and can help you achieve satisfying results without pouring water down the drain.

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Flora Terra’s tips for determining how much water you need

  • Get to know your landscape: Identify areas of sun and shade. Sheltered areas need less water than those in the sun. Slopes require shorter intervals but more frequent watering than flat surfaces. If you notice puddles or run offs in certain sections, reduce the amount of water you’re using.
  • Understand soil and climate: How much water you need for plants is linked to the type of soil and climatic conditions. Knowing whether your soil is clay, sandy or loamy gives a better idea of how much watering should be done. Also cooler periods require less water than prolonged hot, sunny days.
  • Identify plant requirements: Pay attention to the water requirements of different plants. Irrigation is not a one-size fits all process.
  • Install water-efficient irrigation equipment: Drip irrigation and SMART sprinklers ensure that your landscape gets all the water it needs without over saturating it. The latest sensors allow you to water based on climate and soil water levels. Remember to adjust automatic controllers according to weather conditions.

Flora Terra Landscape Management offers commercial water audits for landscapes in the Bay Area. This will help identify your exact requirements and highlight areas for improvement. Our value engineered pricing and cost effective water management solutions will pay for themselves in the significant water savings you will achieve.

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