San Jose CLCA Certified Water Managers

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CLCA Certified Water Managers

By retaining CLCA Certified Water Managers, you can gain 20-50% water savings! At Flora Terra, we help reduce your water costs by employing high efficiency water conservation and landscaping techniques.

As the demand on our existing water supplies increases, many new laws and regulations are being issued by local water districts and the California Legislature with the intention to maximize the available water. Consumers face tiered pricing and water wastage brings on hefty fines.

The Flora Terra Landscape Management team has the best CLCA certified water managers. CLCA’s Water Management Certification indicates a proven proficiency that helps reduce landscape water usage by using a water audit, budget and advanced irrigation technology.

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As your CLCA Water Manager, Flora Terra can help

  • Improve your landscape by preventing over-watering that leads to weeds, pests, and plant disease
  • Preserve your hardscapes like fences, concrete, asphalt, etc. from erosion due to over-spray and runoff
  • Save your money by saving water

Flora Terra’s services are available in all areas of San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill.

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