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San Jose Water Management – Commercial Landscape Services

Environmental values have helped transform California’s approach to water management. Does your commercial property align with the community’s goals of water conservation and management? Are you just spending more than you should on water and landscape management?

Water management is the practice of carefully planning, developing and distributing water resources under well-defined water practices. Water budgeting and management is an ongoing concern for most commercial properties. Established in 1997, FloraTerra offers you experienced help in implementing efficient use of water on your property. Our trained staff will help deliver great cost savings and water conservation while keeping your grass, bushes, flowers and trees hydrated and luxuriant with our arborist services.

We have set up water usage audits for several commercial property sites in the San Jose Bay Area, including South Bay, East Bay, Fremont, plus the entire South Santa Clara region. Using our audit to examine the setup and management of irrigation and sprinkler systems is one of the surest ways to save water and establish safe and effective water budgeting for your commercial property.

Call FloraTerra at 408.275-1200 or contact us online for a water usage audit and we’ll help you start conserving water and saving money right away.

Our Water Management Solutions include:

  • Water usage and management audits, along with proper plant selection
  • Examination of water frequency, usage and duration
  • Seasonal irrigation adjustments and urban runoff reduction
  • Installation of water-smart irrigation controllers
  • Routine checks of your irrigation system and drip irrigation systems
  • Mulch and hardscaping of your commercial landscape to ensure water management best practices

The Department of Water Resources Landscape Task Force has begun making recommendations for comprehensive actions that will improve the efficiency of water usage in landscaping. At FloraTerra, we care about helping you manage your water usage with well-defined practices that ensure proper budgeting of water resources while maintaining your landscaping efforts.

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Water Management services in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Fremont, Morgan Hill and South Santa Clara County

FloraTerra can create a landscape that will save you money through the Water Efficient Landscape Rebate Program (WELRP) offered through the Santa Clara Valley Water District. By replacing high water using plants such as turf grass, with low water using plants from our “Water Wise Plant List” or by installing permeable hardscaping you can earn a rebate. Please call 408-275-1200 to request a quote for your property.

Implementing useful and proper water management techniques can maximize the benefit while reducing your overall water consumption on your commercial properties. These actions can not only save you significant money, but it can also reduce over watering and unnecessary consumption that contributes to the reduction of our local water resources, easing the burden for everyone.

Did you know these plant watering facts?

  • Watering to the root depth of your plants creates a healthier and more efficient garden.
  • For lawns in clay soil, this means applying ½ inch of water to moisten the soil to a depth of 6 inches; water shrubs even more deeply and less frequently. You can determine how long it takes to apply ½ inch of water by setting out several catch cans, running your sprinklers, and measuring the time it takes to fill them with ½ inch of water.
  • Lawns planted in very sandy soils will require less than ½ inch each watering day but more frequent application. Another method of determining how deeply you are watering is to water for five minutes, then probe the soil to see how deeply you have moistened the soil. Think of your soil as a reservoir that holds water for your plants!

Please call 408-275-1200 for information about FloraTerra’s water management consulting services and more tips on being water smart!