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Sustainable Green

Sustainable Landscaping Company

While many companies talk about “Going Green,” FloraTerra performs water conservation, sustainable landscape improvements, recycling, and ecological waste reduction every day! Read our Environmental Responsibility Policy.
Landscape Improvements

FloraTerra’s commercial landscape installation service focuses on creating sustainable landscapes that are cost-effective and resource-efficient. By choosing compatible plant alternatives that consume less water, older lawn or ground cover areas are converted to beautiful seasonally-flowering shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses that are drought tolerant and resistant to insects and disease.

Smart Irrigation Controllers Save and Conserve

Ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to daily changing weather patterns. They generally over water your landscape, leaving you with expensive water bills and major property damage. Smart Irrigation Controllers save you water, money, and time by activating at specified intervals according to your landscape’s needs. Enjoy healthier landscapes while protecting the environment and reducing expensive water maintenance costs.

Our Smart water management is a green initiative with the fastest return on investment!

We Care About Water Conservation

Water Conservation is thought to be the single most important challenge to the future of landscape management. FloraTerra is dedicated to preserving our most precious resource with services focused on water conservation. We have Certified Water Managers and Water Auditors on staff that use modern budgeting practices making water conservation and management very affordable than ever before.

As your strategic water management partner, FloraTerra will help you avoid water waste and overuse penalties. With us, you will meet water allocations, save money, and achieve points toward LEED certification.

Water Wise Plants

Whether adding to your existing landscape or replacing your existing one, by choose Mediterranean or California native plants your landscape will thrive on less summer water. Native plants can create a colorful, interesting, and lush landscape that is well suited to the climates and soils found in our region. Let our tree, shrub and plant experts design your commercial, retail, HOA and medical location landscapes.

Mulch, Conserves Water

Mulch is often referred to as the “secret weapon” of water conservation in any region. By mulching, we maintain optimum moisture, suppress weeds, help protect a plants root system during incremental hot or cold weather, and provides exceptional curb appeal.

Sustainable Eco Friendly Landscaping

Landscape Maintenance Irrigation Repairs & Updates
Landscape Design Shrub, Tree & Flower Planting
New Installation Lawn Conversions
Landscape Renovation Budget Planning
Tree Care Concrete & Paving Stones
Cleanup & Pruning Water Management

Commercial Landscape Installation, Bay Area

Green Waste Recycling

FloraTerra operates modern recycling mowers. Dry grass clippings that are finely mulched and spread evenly on a lawn’s surface return a significant amount of nutrients and moisture back to the soil. This reduces the amount of fertilizers and potential chemicals in run-off water. Properly mulched clippings dissipate quickly. This practice results in ecological waste reduction and helps conserve landfill space. When done correctly, the recycling of grass clippings does not result in a negative appearance of freshly mowed lawns.

Where feasible, appropriate tree and shrub trimmings are “chipped” and spread on specific surfaces as mulch. Recycled trimmings hold moisture, conserve water, and provide nutrients for soil tree’s and plants.

Our Green Efforts Include, R.O.I.

  • Reduce and re-purpose“Green Waste”  to preserve valuable land-fill space
  • Ownership and management team use hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions
  • Integrated pest management – a holistic approach to pest management that considers all alternatives before chemical treatment

Certified Environmental Stewards

FloraTerra Landscape Management is committed to providing continued education, training, and skills certifications for all employees. Industry related licenses and certifications demonstrate the training and expertise required to fulfill our customers’ landscape management objectives. Our extensive range of licenses, designations, and certifications guarantees that your landscaping concerns will be resolved by qualified professionals. Professional Certifications & Designations

Area’s of Service:

Santa Clara County Alameda County San Mateo County
Silicon Valley, CA Fremont, CA Palo Alto, CA
San Jose, CA Newark, CA Menlo Park, CA
Santa Clara, CA Union City, CA San Carlos, CA
Sunnyvale, CA Hayward, CA Belmont, CA
Mountain View, CA San Leandro, CA Redwood City, CA
Cupertino, CA Alameda, CA Foster City, CA
Milpitas, CA Dublin, CA Burlingame, CA
Morgan Hill, CA Pleasanton, CA Daly City, CA
Gilroy, CA Livermore, CA South San Francisco, CA

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