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While many companies talk about “Going Green,” FloraTerra performs water conservation, sustainable landscape improvements, recycling, and ecological waste reduction every day! Read our Environmental Responsibility Policy.
Landscape Improvements

FloraTerra’s landscape enhancement design team focuses on creating sustainable landscapes that are cost-effective and resource-efficient. By choosing compatible plant alternatives that consume less water, older lawn or groundcover areas are converted to beautiful seasonally-flowering shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses that are drought tolerant and resistant to insects and disease.

Inefficient “overhead spray” irrigation is converted to efficient drip irrigation systems. Smart Irrigation Controllers (solar powered are available) apply water to current evapotranspiration (ET) rates in the precise volumes needed to keep plant material vibrant and healthy throughout seasonal weather patterns. Surfaces are covered with mulch, cobble, or bark – resulting in landscapes that are attractive, long lasting, water efficient, and less reliant upon fertilizers and pesticides. Our landscape conversions decrease water run-off and the resulting damage to curbs, parking lots, and other surfaces. Your sustainable landscape will be harmonious with its surrounding environment, and most importantly, will conserve water and save money.

Smart Irrigation Controllers Save Water and Your Landscape Investment

Ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to daily changing weather patterns. They generally overwater your landscape, leaving you with expensive water bills and major property damage. Smart Irrigation Controllers save you water, money, and time by activating at specified intervals according to your landscape’s needs. Enjoy healthier landscapes while protecting the environment and reducing expensive water maintenance costs.

Our Smart water management is a green initiative with the fastest return on investment!

We Care About Water Conservation at FloraTerra

Water Conservation is thought to be the single most important challenge to the future of landscape management. FloraTerra is dedicated to preserving our most precious resource with services focused on water conservation. We have Certified Water Managers and Water Auditors on staff.

Unlike equipment available a few years ago, new irrigation system technology and modern water budgeting practices now make water and cost savings possible for Bay Area property managers. Rebates for water-saving equipment from local water authorities make water conservation more affordable than ever before. As your strategic partner, FloraTerra will help you avoid water waste and overuse penalties. With us, you will meet water allocations, save money, and achieve points toward LEED certification.

Green Waste Recycling


FloraTerra operates modern recycling mowers. Dry grass clippings that are finely mulched and spread evenly on a lawn’s surface return a significant amount of nutrients and moisture back to the soil. This reduces the amount of fertilizers and potential chemicals in run-off water. Properly mulched clippings dissipate quickly. This practice results in ecological waste reduction and helps conserve landfill space. When done correctly, the recycling of grass clippings does not result in a negative appearance of freshly mowed lawns.

Where feasible, appropriate tree and shrub trimmings are “chipped” and spread on specific surfaces as mulch. Recycled trimmings hold moisture, conserve water, and provide nutrients to certain soil types.

FloraTerra’s Green Efforts include the following:

  • utilization of “Green Waste” management services to prevent ecological waste from taking valuable land-fill space
  • integrated pest management – a holistic approach to pest control that considers all alternatives before chemical treatment
  • ownership and operation of hybrid vehicles in an effort to reduce carbon emissions

Certified Environmental Steward Status

FloraTerra Landscape Management is one of few landscape companies with a Certified Environmental Steward on staff. (Certified by the Alameda County Waste Management District, Bay Friendly Program.)

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