Environmental Responsibility Policy

Flora Terra Landscape Management Environmental Policy

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FloraTerra Landscape Management is committed to being an Environmentally Responsible corporate citizen. We express that commitment in our Environmental Policy and apply it to all aspects of our business.

We believe it is our responsibility to continually improve in all aspects of our business in which we operate – environment, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today. FloraTerra has been quietly acting on its commitment to a cleaner environment through its improved Water Conservation Measures, Green Waste Reduction and our Recycling Programs.

FloraTerra’s Sustainability Vision is simple in concept, but far-reaching in impact. Environmental Stewardship is a core part of this vision. FloraTerra recognizes our responsibility to be a good steward of the environment, both as a corporate citizen and as a way to support the company’s goals.

FloraTerra’s Environmental Policy Includes The Following:

  • We will comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and company standards and conduct regular audits to verify compliance within the Cities, Counties and State we provide landscape services;
  • We will Minimize Green house Gas emissions from our landscape Business Operations;
  • We will Support Water use reclamation and re-use initiatives including the use of reclaimed water from Municipals, Industrial and other viable sources;
  • We will Promote Grass Cycling within our daily landscape operations to reduce Green Waste disposal;
  • We will help our clients reduce their Carbon foot print through Improved Environmental Sustainability;
  • We will provide landscape services that promote water efficiency best practices;
  • We will promote efficient irrigation technologies and practices that create and further opportunities to support population and economic growth in a sustainable fashion;
  • We will continue to Recycle our Green Waste in our daily landscape operations;
  • We will apply sound environmental management practices where, in our judgment, existing legal requirements are insufficient for our operations;
  • We will consider our potential environmental impacts in our daily business decision-making processes;
  • We will encourage conservation of natural resources, recycling, reusing whenever possible;
  • We will promote efficient irrigation technology and best practices within our operations;
  • We will promote Professional Certifications and continued education within our company in support of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship;
  • We will conduct regular trainings with our employees on environmental best practices and procedures;
  • We will design and install landscapes that meet or exceed the requirements of LEED Certification;
  • We will monitor emerging issues and keep abreast of regulatory changes, technological innovations and corporate interests. Promoting Environmental Stewardship with Municipalities, REITs, Apartment and HOA Communities, HOA Boards, Retail Shopping Centers, Professional Property Management Companies, MOB, Health Care Buildings, Commercial Real Estate Developers and Community Management Co;
  • We will establish metrics to monitor our environmental performance, and use these to set goals for continuous improvement within our landscape business model;
  • We will strive to develop effective and sustainable solutions to lessen the environmental challenges and impact we face in our day to day landscape operations;
  • We will implement Environmental Management systems to identify and manage environmental risks, obligations and opportunities;
  • We will work with our landscape vendors, suppliers and customers to reduce the environmental impacts of our services throughout their life cycle;
  • We will work with local vendors and suppliers that Support our Companies Environmental Vision;
  • We will implement (IPM) Integrated Pest Management to reduce the use of harmful synthetic chemicals;
  • We will incorporate Hybrid Vehicles, and Fuel efficient equipment into our operations to reduce fuel consumption thus creating a more positive impact on our environment and community;
  • We will incorporate and use Certified Organic and Safe Natural products whenever feasible;
  • We will continue to use Recycled materials in conjunction with our Sustainable Landscape Services;
  • We will annually review and measure the company’s performance in implementing this policy;
  • We will review this policy periodically and update it as needed.

It is the responsibility of Corporate Officers, Divisional and Regional Managers to ensure this policy is effectively communicated, understood and implemented throughout FloraTerra’s organization. All employees are responsible for understanding the impacts of this policy on their day-to-day activities and are encouraged to apply good environmental stewardship both in and beyond the workplace.