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Landscape Design and Sustainable Landscapes

FloraTerra’s landscape designs incorporate a variety of natural products, trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers to create drought tolerant sustainable landscapes that pleases the eye and the environment at the same time.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

FloraTerra Landscape Management believes in drought tolerant landscaping, with an emphasis on water conservation, green waste recycling, and landscape water management. Landscape appearance is often the first critical impression to perspective tenants.

The condition and attractiveness of the landscape reflect the level of care and commitment by a property owner and property management company toward providing a pleasing environment for apartment complexes, retail shopping centers, commercial office buildings and estate properties .

As a strategic partner we’re concerned about your marketing efforts and your budget. Our team of trained, certified, and safety conscious professionals care for landscape using sustainable, modern horticultural landscaping practices to conserve energy and resources.

Flora Terra supports their property managers with prompt response to make your property as attractive as it can be and meet your cost objectives.

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At FloraTerra, we adhere to best management practices and ongoing training of employees; OSHA Safety Training, and certified managers for sustainability and Eco-friendly landscape design.

We honor community, state and federal programs that affect landscape methods, reduce green waste, conserve water, improve water quality, protect the environment, and promote clean, renewable energy sources.