Water Efficient Landscaping

Water Efficient Landscaping | Drought Tolerant Landscapes

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Flora Terra has helped numerous Bay Area business parks, commercial complexes, estates and home owner associations convert to water efficient/sustainable landscaping. We offer effective landscape and water management techniques using the right equipment without over extending your resources or budget.

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Water efficient landscaping is the ideal solution to fast depleting resources and California’s history of drought. Garden and lawn care account for a tremendous increase in demand especially during the summer months. The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) urges us to adopt water-wise, water-smart, low-water or water efficient landscaping to remedy the situation. Californians who practice sustainable landscaping and water management can easily avoid over-use penalties and reduce landscape maintenance cost.

How Flora Terra can help you install and maintain a sustainable landscape?

  • Creative and colorful landscape designs that include compatible low-water use plants.
  • Install latest water-efficient irrigation systems and water management controls including tracking usage and savings.
  • Efficient green waste management like mulching to reduce chemical use and minimize amount of waste going to landfills.
  • Meticulous landscape maintenance including plant and tree fertilization, tree care, deep root and shrub feeding.

What does water efficient landscaping involve?

The EPA suggests…

  • Landscape design that includes soil and climate appropriate plant selection
  • Grouping plants according to the amount of water they require
  • Planting native, low-water-use flora and fauna
  • Water-efficient irrigation systems
  • Limiting turf/grass to where required
  • Scheduling irrigation wisely to avoid water wastage
  • Good quality soil
  • Recycling green waste as mulch and fertilizer to reduce landfill
  • Regular landscape maintenance to ensure healthy growth

FloraTerra arborists and landscape professionals are dedicated to enhancing the look of your outdoor spaces while reducing your cost.

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