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7 Things to Consider When Selecting an HOA Landscape Company

If you’re on a budget and looking for a low-cost commercial landscaping service, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Because, yes, you should expect outstanding value for money from the right candidate, but you’ll also want to make sure that services rendered are going to provide a maximized return on investment.

The best San Jose Ca Condominium & HOA landscapers are seasoned at their craft and understand how to efficiently elevate properties so that their clients’ ultimate goals are supported. This includes expert knowledge on navigating the Bay Area droughts so that your water bills don’t go through the roof and your landscaping looks five-star in every season.

So, what are the need-to-knows when selecting an HOA landscape company? Today, we’re going to highlight 7 crucial factors that should be on your candidate credentials wish-list. For a successful collaboration that only adds to the value and occupancy of your property, keep your sights set on these considerations:

1. A Long-Standing and Exceptional Safety Record

Among the various HOA landscape operation red flags, few forewarn of graver outcomes than a lacking safety record. Emphasis in this critical area not only safeguards landscapers themselves as they work with potentially dangerous equipment, but also your residents and staff. So don’t hesitate to ask your commercial landscape company candidates about their records, protocols, and principles.

Safety within any HOA property landscape spans everything from professional operational practices through to removing trip hazards, maintaining clear walkways, administering timely tree care, and advising on security-enhancing lighting. Landscapes curated for residents should be safe, welcoming environments, and your landscaper maintenance providers should prioritize accordingly.

2. Expertise in Sustainability, Drought Resistant Design, and Water Management

There is so much more to sustainability than supporting native wildlife or mitigating the negative impacts of climate change. A skilled HOA landscape contractor will understand that the very same practices that achieve these goals will also reduce maintenance requirements and water costs for your landscaping.

At FloraTerra, we always strive to help our landscaping clients conserve water, enhancing their ROI along the way. We take our green credentials further with things like drought-resistant landscape design, green waste reduction, zero-emission landscape equipment, and so much more. By working with nature rather than against it, we make sure that your HOA landscaping budget goes further.

3. Second-to-none Client Service Support

The landscapes enjoyed by tenants are never off the clock, and so neither should your HOA landscape company be. In fact, you should be able to reach a dedicated customer service team 24/7, as well as a convenient channel to a dedicated account manager and operations manager who know your property inside out. Here at FloraTerra Landscape Management, we’re always ready to provide support and will mobilize immediately if the unexpected occurs after hours.

4. Clear and Well-Structured Seasonal Budgeting

The annual budget for HOA landscape care is a complex thing to hone, simply because many tasks are seasonal. This makes it a must to collaborate with an HOA landscape service that can draw upon years of experience in accurately plotting and planning for the years ahead.

From year-round landscape care to budgeting special projects, you’ll always want to know what to expect right from the get-go, so be sure to look for transparency and clarity when it comes to setting costs. You know your financial goals and performance objectives, and the right landscaping company will know exactly how to help you balance them realistically.

5. Keeping You in the Know with Proactive Communication

When it comes to something as critical to HOA occupancy as landscaping, you never want to be left in the dark. Commercial landscaping companies shoulder a great deal of trust and strong communication is an excellent marker of that trust’s successful placement.

From day one, the right HOA landscape maintenance company should be highly responsive and proactive in communicating how they will meet and exceed your expectations. This should include friendly client onboarding, assigned point people who will oversee your account, an attentive on-site assessment, face-to-face meetings, a service that hits the ground running, and openness to ongoing feedback.

6. Harnessing Modern Technology to Make Your Service Seamless

In the modern age, even your HOA landscape company should be harnessing contemporary technology to improve their service and make your experience all the better.   Here at FloraTerra Landscape Management, we operate our own cloud-based software and private client portal so that you can stay in the loop, anytime, anywhere. Through our smartphone app and browser portal, clients are able to:

  • Submit service requests
  • Sign-up to receive tracking Information
  • View your projects
  • Receive validation on timely completions
  • View their PSAs and proposals
  • Reach out to their account management team
FloraTerra Team

7. Dedicated, Seasoned, and Impassioned Team Members

Finally, the last puzzle piece when selecting a worthy HOA landscape company is simply the caliber of the people. This means a dedication to ongoing training, cohesive and cared-for teams, and impassioned landscaping experts who are constantly actively improving.

At FloraTerra, we don’t just train employees—we educate them for life while ensuring that their career path always provides satisfaction. Not only that, but we are proud to call a broad range of experts our colleagues, including horticulturists, arborists, irrigation specialists, site safety managers, and landscape designers. This approach allows us to cut out 3rd parties and deliver every facet of your HOA landscaping service in-house, all year round.

Ultimately, HOA landscape maintenance is much more than “mow, blow and go”. It’s a partnership that requires a deep understanding of multi-family landscape design and how to maximize its potential in the long term. The bottom line is that beautiful gardens attract not only wildlife but also happy residents. So, ensure their meaningful outdoor experiences and connections by reaching out to our team today.

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