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Water Conservation

Water Conservation Services San Jose, CA

Water Efficient Landscaping

At FloraTerra, we share your concern for water usage and consumption. For over a decade we have been involved in design and implementation of water efficient landscaping. Our Irrigation solutions provide for most efficient use of water and longevity of your trees, grasses, shrubs and flowers.

Water Budgeting

Your irrigation needs will be optimally served by FloraTerra’s experienced use of modern irrigation techniques that include water use forecasting based on the specific water requirements of a landscape.

Irrigation System Conversions

Incorporating drip irrigation systems into your landscape water can be more accurately targeted and at a much lower rate than overhead spray. We specialize on converting wasteful Overhead Spray (Pop-Up sprinklers) to efficient Drip Tube Systems

Control of Run-Off

Concentration on avoiding water waste to protect parking lot surfaces, and hard-scape

SMART Irrigation Controllers

Automatically apply water to current “ET” Rates. Proper irrigation techniques provide for the specific seasonal water amounts required for trees, turf grass, plants and flowers to ensure a healthy and green landscape while minimizing water usage on your commercial properties.

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Irrigation Services adhere to local and state regulations that control water usage with the implementation of water conserving principles and equipment in the San Francisco Bay area including, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Fremont, Pleasanton, Morgan Hill, and Sunnyvale.

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