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Municipal and Public Space Landscape Management and More

FloraTerra provides landscape services to Local, State, County and City Municipalities throughout the Greater Bay Area. FloraTerra understands how important safety is within your community’s public spaces. In addition to the formal safety programs required by statute and regulatory agencies, FloraTerra has implemented numerous initiatives we believe contribute to the enviable safety record we enjoy in the landscape industry – especially for an operation that includes landscape maintenance, landscape construction and tree care departments.

Bonded and Insured

FloraTerra adheres to all Cal-OSHA requirements and maintains a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program. We maintain general liability coverage as well as workers compensation coverage. We are also fully licensed and bonded per State, County and City requirements. We have several Trained Landscape Professionals including Certified Landscape Technicians and Certified Irrigation Technicians on our staff. Our company delivers an unmatched degree of horticultural and water management expertise, providing landscape solutions to Local, State, County and City open spaces.

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With the future Economy and Occupancy Rates hard to predict, what can you do as Public Agency to stay on Track? Learn how FloraTerra can help reduce your common area landscape Maintenance Costs while maintaining your Public Curb Appeal. FloraTerra offers a Landscape Solutions Program specifically designed for Municipalities and Public Agencies that must reduce costs to stay on Budget. Manage your costs and improve your Budgets Bottom Line

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Learn More About our Cost Saving Landscape Maintenance Program

Professional Tree Care and ISA Certified Arborist Services

Many of the municipalities throughout the Greater Bay Area look to FloraTerra to manage and care for their trees and protecting clients from liabilities they pose. FloraTerra’s Commercial Tree Care Division offers tree pruning and tree management staying on budget exceeding our client’s expectations. We employ ISA approved pruning practices that preserve the long term beauty of your trees. Our program not only includes attention to personal safety, but also damage to personal property. Safety Programs include weekly tailgate meetings for every crew member. FloraTerra adheres to CAL-OSHA requirements, TCIA – (Tree Care Industry Association) mandated programs and maintains a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

Read More About Our Arborist Services

Smart Irrigation Controllers save Water and Your Landscape Investment

Ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to daily changing weather patterns. They generally overwater your landscape, leaving you with expensive water bills and major property damage. Smart Irrigation Controllers help you save water, money and time by eliminating overwatering. Enjoy healthier landscapes while protecting the environment and reducing expensive water maintenance costs.

Our smart water management is a green initiative with the fastest R.O.I…

Water Conservation in the Community

With water restrictions and costs on the rise, you can rest assured that FloraTerra has a specialized water management plan that helps Municipalities reduce their landscape’s water usage and improve the overall beauty of the community through our Specialized Water Management Division. FloraTerra’s Water Management Professionals can demonstrate and provide Return on Your Investment (R.O.I.) for your water conservation needs. FloraTerra will develop a scientific ET based water budget specific to your sites needs which allows us to track and maximize water savings through our Pro-Active Water Management Program.

Please click here to read our Environmental Responsibility Policy

Seasonal Color, Annual Flower Bed Design & Planting

At FloraTerra, we offer year-round flower/ color design and planting services, customized for the season, climate, and your landscape. With 25 years of experience and strong partnerships with local growers, we offer exclusively-prepared (pre-grown) plant and flower materials that minimize unnecessary maintenance, stretch installation and maintenance budgets, and enhance the beauty and growth of your landscape all year long.

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