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San Francisco Bay Area Landscape Company

Commercial  Landscape Company in the San Francisco Bay

Flora Terra is one of San Jose’s Top Award Winning Landscape Companies for Commercial, Retail, HOA / Apartment and Hospital / Medical Center Grounds.

Choose the best San Francisco Bay Area landscape company to create an attractive sustainable landscape and add value to any property. Whether you are planning to have a new landscape installed or remodel an existing one, there are several important things to consider before you select a professional landscape company in the Bay Area. With Flora Terra Landscape Management Services, you can’t go wrong. Consider the following criteria as you choose your landscaping construction company:


A good landscape company provides quality service, will offer you customer references and photographs of their project successes. Affiliation to national or state landscape associations further reinforces a landscaping company’s commitment to excellence. Reputed landscape companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, like Flora Terra will also have received special water conservation awards and recognition as a testimony to our skill and professionalism.


A professional landscaping company provides comprehensive service from design and installation to maintenance programs that include plant selection and planting, insect/disease control, irrigation management, and sprinkler design services. This can save you time and money in the long run.


A professional landscape company will provide you with an estimate in writing with details on what is and what is not included. At Flora Terra, we often follow up a design estimate and client approval with a separate estimate for the landscape installation. If it is beyond your budget, we rework the design in consultation with you.


Professional landscape companies have the necessary skill and knowledge of landscape and irrigation materials, and use quality equipment to ensure that your landscape looks good and endures.


The Bay Area landscape company that you hire should be licensed or certified according to the state laws. This license assures you that the company is accountable to you, knowledgeable, operating legally, and has employees who have passed examinations demonstrating experience, knowledge and a level of professionalism.

Response Time

Professional landscape companies like Flora Terra Landscape Management will attend to queries within 24 hrs of being contacted. Our representatives always arrive on time, have a neat appearance, ask questions, listen to your needs, take pictures or draw sketches of your property, and take notes during consultation. This enables us to present a schedule for step-by-step completion of the work.


A landscape company that employs skilled irrigation technicians who design and install irrigation and sprinkler systems using the latest water-saving technology not only helps conserve water, it can even save you money.


Professional landscape companies employ trained and experienced technicians who are experienced in working on projects of any size. They use the appropriate equipment to construct all the elements that you desire in your landscape – retaining walls, privacy mounds, efficient irrigation systems, stone and water features, driveways and walkways.


Plants set the mood of your landscape. ISA Trained arborists at Flora Terra plan the new plantings and group plants with similar water and drainage requirements, or sun and shade requirements, together ensuring that the trees, shrubs and flowers planted remain vibrant and disease-free.

Flora Terra’s satisfied customers include commercial and retail properties like Fair Oaks Business Park, Sunnyvale and The Plant Shopping Center, San Jose, apartment complexes like Waterford Place, North San Jose and Cedar Glen Apartments, Campbell and medical campuses like the Palo Alto Medical Foundation campuses at Palo Alto, Fremont and Mountain View.

Call Flora Terra today at 408-275-1200 or fill out our online form to find out how you could have a great looking property. We are undoubtedly, your first choice for a San Francisco Bay Area landscape company!