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3 Things to Consider for Your Commercial Landscape Contractor

The type of landscape design that your commercial landscape contractor delivers for your next landscape renovation project matter more than many assume. Color, texture, water efficiency, unique plant material, sustainability, and overall maintenance will have a considerable impact.

There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of where you can find commercial landscape contractors in San Jose – Bay Area Ca, from community association institutions to an organic google search on the internet.

So how do you know you are selecting the right San Jose Ca commercial landscape company?

Here are 3 key factors to consider before your next Landscape Renovation.

1. Finding A HOA – Commercial Landscape Designer

Finding an exceptional HOA- commercial landscape design company is a challenge when it comes to discovering the best options available for climate appropriate landscaping, water conservation, ones that are low maintenance and environmentally sound.

When it comes to HOA Landscape Design, the options from a homeowners association and condominium landscape contractor are many, from sub surface drip watering systems, to efficient irrigation innovations you can get are seemingly endless. However, an excess of unfamiliar choices is not always the best thing.

There is a plethora of commercial landscape companies that are not necessarily landscape architects and commercial landscape designers in the bay area, some may provide ideas and colored renderings that seem to be pretty in digital format.

Sadly, many of these designers are cloning antiquated designs of bay area business developments, but they are not necessarily unique, different or designed for long term drought defense.

Climate appropriate plant selections are better suited for the bay area, especially when it comes to the fast pace climate change, drought and sequestering carbon.

So how do you find the right commercial landscape company? For example, if you are looking for a HOA Landscape Contractor, look for a commercial landscape contractor that specializes in HOA & Condominium Landscape Design.  

With today’s fast changing technology, it makes sense that you find a commercial landscape contractor that can provide aesthetically pleasing designs with a curvature approach to drought-stricken areas such as San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area Ca.

2. Taking Drought and Climate into Context

With the pressure of climate change and the drought, water conservation should be in the mind of all HOA Landscape Companies, and it is at FloraTerra Landscape Management in San Jose Ca.

According with recent studies by the University of California, lawn consumes approximately 50% of the available potable water, many times, outpacing the cost of their monthly HOA landscape maintenance service.

To that point, water conservation and drought planning is a driving goal of FloraTerra Landscape Management in Redwood City CA.

3. Budget Friendly Landscape Designs

When searching for a commercial landscape designer, your budget is an important factor in the landscape process.

Although it is necessary to get high-quality work, aesthetically pleasing choices, you also don’t want to experience financial stress from spending thousands of dollars on the wrong types of plants and trees.

Many superior plant options are more expensive than the sea of sameness, outdated options. Even so, this does not mean that you need to change out your entire landscape. Sometimes less is more when it comes to renovating your landscaping.

There are versatile landscape designs that can be implemented over several phases rather than absorbing the cost of the entire project all at once.

Many factors are involved in the landscape planning process, such as your budget, particular landscape needs, and overall goals of your project.

Relax, we make water conservation easier.

Let our landscape design team in San Jose Ca drought proof your exterior with drought resilient landscaping, water efficient irrigation systems, and colorful flowers that offer sustainability. Our unique landscape designs are aesthetically pleasing, reduce water bills and conserve water to!

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