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What Is Xeriscaping? Discover This Exciting New HOA Landscape Trend

Whether its commercial landscaping or a residential property, we often inherit a garden design that may be more resource-thirsty than is ideal.

As demand is spread increasingly thin for California’s limited supply of water, a growing number of property owners are acting on the merits of a conversion to xeriscaping. But what exactly is this landscaping strategy, and what does it involve?

This contemporary approach to Bay Area landscape design offers the welcome reward of lower water consumption, reduced plant maintenance, and far less need for fertilizers and pest control measures.

Crucially, xeriscaping is a commercial landscape trend that aligns our efforts with nature, rather than working against her. Are you curious to know more? Read on as we explore the ins and outs of xeriscaping.

What Is Xeriscaping?

To achieve all of these welcome time and money-saving traits, xeriscaping harnesses the use of highly attractive, slow-growing, and drought tolerant plants—often those native to California or other Mediterranean-style climates.

Taking this concept further, putting the right plant in the right place is prioritized, based on factors such as aspect, soil type, and micro climate. With such forethought, pest and disease problems are mitigated, and the resulting landscapes are as robust as they are aesthetic.

The xeriscapes garden is designed to be water wise, using strategic landscaping, mulches, and ground cover to keep H20 where it is needed most, while preventing evaporation.

This approach also means that maintenance is reduced to the minimum, with little weeding to worry about.

Landowners enjoy the associated reduction in maintenance costs, while residents experience living or working within a thriving and dependable landscaped environment, no matter how challenging the dry season’s climate may become.

The Key Ingredients of Xeriscaping

As Bay Area commercial landscapers, we know all too well that historically, local fashions have often favored English-style gardens that demand phenomenal volumes of water while being susceptible to pests and diseases.

This places landscaping contractors on the front line, keeping delicate plant species happy in a non-native climate.

In contrast, xeriscaping provides a refreshing alternative, taking into account not only that the plants and trees used in landscape design should be robust to drought and rising temperatures, but also that tactics should vary from region to region within California to yield the best results.

Without a doubt, conditions range dramatically between coastal areas and those inland, while the north and south of the state are distinct, with relatively high moisture and desert conditions respectively.

Zooming in yet further on potential waiting to be harnessed, the savvy xeriscaper will consider local resources, creating garden spaces that reflect water availability, sunlight, and soil conditions.

Alongside native plant species, those from locations such as the Mediterranean basin, Australia, and South Africa are often vibrant additions to a drought tolerant landscape design that always looks its best.

Soil and Irrigation Management

Whether introducing a new Xeriscape HOA landscape Design or converting an existing garden for water cost savings, it is crucial to begin with the basics. At first instance, we must honor that healthy plants make their home in healthy soils.

This is achieved by testing soil to ensure that it is well-draining and offers a hearty balance of organic matter and key nutrients—making any necessary adjustments before establishing the intended landscape design.

When the soil is right, grasses, plants, and trees gain a healthy hold and set their roots quickly. This, in turn, improves the resilience of the soil structure and water retention, allowing the envisioned landscape design to manifest and mature much more quickly.

Another absolute essential to xeriscaping is intelligent irrigation management. This means providing water strategically, only when it is required, and in just the right volumes to maximize use by plants and minimize runoff or evaporation.

Modern advancements in irrigation technology make this a highly accessible goal, both in terms of practicality and cost.

Drip irrigation systems can deliver water directly to the roots of each plant, while grouping species by their relative thirst makes it easier to coordinate water use to the minimum volume, applying different amounts to different areas of the garden.

Better yet, smart irrigation technologies allow for automatic adjustments based on current weather patterns, ensuring that your water bill is never higher than it ought to be.

All of these advancements can be claimed in collaboration with a HOA Water Conservation Specialist from FloraTerra, who will strive to marry your budgetary goals and landscaping dreams.

For All Your Xeriscaping and Commercial Landscape Maintenance Needs

At FloraTerra, we take great pride in delivering water wise and cost-efficient solutions through our small and large property landscaping services in San Jose CA and beyond.

Whether you aim to realize a brand-new landscape or transform your existing green spaces to minimize water and maintenance costs moving forwards, we are here to assist.

Our full-spectrum offering includes tree selection services, HOA drought tolerant landscape design, irrigation design and maintenance, green scaping solutions, and much more. To discover how FloraTerra’s dedicated team of landscaping experts can help you manifest your vision, get in touch today

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A Commercial Landscape Company Mitigates Water Costs

Did you know that the thirstiest feature of your landscape is inevitably its lawned areas? If you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone.

Across California, many gardens—whether decorating commercial, HOA, corporate, or estate properties—feature vast expanses of lawn that are rarely used and mostly only seen from a distance, and their water demands are substantial indeed.

These green expanses require considerable time and resources to maintain, with even small lawns drinking thousands of liters of water per year. Frequently, those overseeing these landscapes are unaware that lawn grass is the culprit behind their runaway water bills or crucially, that there are excellent cost-effective alternatives to explore.

Here at FloraTerra, we specialize in HOA & Condominium Landscape Design in the South Bay Area Ca, and we are ready to guide you towards landscape design solutions that reward with lower future costs and vibrant aesthetics that thrive no matter how lasting the next drought may be.

Read on as we explore how to effectively reduce the resource demands of your lawns or perhaps even reduce or replace them all together.

Intelligent Lawn Care in the California Climate

While lawns may indeed be thirsty presences within commercial landscaping, there are usually savings to be made without waving goodbye to them completely.

Many lawns across the Bay Area are given more water than needed, or watered inefficiently—either with too much provided at once, leading to runoff, or too little, leading to poor root depth and inadequate saturation.

Contemporary irrigation technologies and enhanced understanding of soil and water management allow us to perfect irrigation tactics during drought to minimize waste. By harnessing these approaches, we deliver affordable commercial lawn care in Santa Clara Ca and beyond.

Getting to Know Your Grass

Grass is grass, right? While this may appear to be the case to the untrained eye, in truth, all grasses are not created equal.

For example, warm-season grasses such as Bermuda will put on more growth in the summer, and be best suited to California’s inland locations.

Cool-season grasses such as fescue tend to surge in height during lower-temperature seasons, and while being somewhat less drought tolerant than their warm-season cousins, often do far better in coastal areas.

At FloraTerra a Commercial Landscape Company Located in San Jose Ca, we take great care to select the drought tolerant grasses that will be best suited to each unique location. We also work with our clients to prevent the signs of drought stress and dormancy—or aid in the recovery of lawns that have already endured damage.

Adaptive approaches include responsively reducing fertilization during drought, mowing to optimal grass height to enhance resilience, and streamlining irrigation schedules.

Indications that you can easily spot of lawn drought stress include wilting grass blades, a mottled appearance with tones of gray, yellow, or brown, and indentations that remain several minutes after foot traffic across the area.

Of course, at times a property owners’ hand may be forced to let a lawn fall into dormancy due to local hosepipe bans or financial limitations.

They will be reassured to know that most lawns can survive in this state for 3–6 weeks and be revived with a period of deep watering.

If you are faced with such challenges, turn to a HOA & Commercial Landscape Planning Company like FloraTerra Design Group for advice on drought resistant lawns and essential care for lawns that are dormant. Of course, a lawn alternative can be a valuable avenue to explore at this juncture, but first a note on irrigation!

Irrigating Lawns in a Bay Area Drought

Alongside how much water your lawn gets, when and how it is delivered is also vital in predicting successful maintenance. In most instances, water volumes can be reduced by 25-50% by alternating watering less or more deeply at certain times in the weekly schedule.

Slow, deep soaking can encourage deeper root growth, while shorter cycles minimize runoff and evaporation.

Irrigation should be calculated based on evaporation and transpiration factors, making it something of a science. However, this investigative process provides the ultimate benefit of shrinking water bills and a greatly improved landscaping aesthetic.

Irrigation systems should also be carefully maintained to avoid leaks and water misdirection. Physical inspections for broken heads and the use of soil moisture probes can confirm that water is being delivered as it should be.

Meanwhile, a specialist San Jose HOA and Condominium Lawn Maintenance Service provider like FloraTerra will be able to walk you through the ROI implications of upgrading to smart irrigation technology.

These are systems that automatically adjust based on temperatures and weather patterns. Crucially, our goal is to ensure that your landscaping becomes more cost effective over time, and we are always happy to provide guidance on what can be achieved within your budget.

Opting For Spectacular Lawn Replacement Solutions

There are countless options to consider in place of costly lawned areas.

While property owners may wish to retain some lawn spaces for relaxation, play, or aesthetic reasons, others may be supplemented with artistic xeriscaping, hardscaping, sheet mulching, and native-style beds and shrubberies.

Making these options all the more tempting, a diversity of rebates is available across California to those replacing lawn and upgrading irrigation under the right conditions.

FloraTerra is proud to provide our clients with support in navigating the various rebate schemes that can be accessed alongside lawn replacement in California.

Depending on your location and the nature and size of your landscape design, we are happy to connect you with the right authority and provide advice on what is possible and the steps to follow in meeting necessary requirements.

If you are ready to discover an HOA landscape company creating incredible drought tolerant outdoor spaces in San Jose and beyond, we are waiting to hear from you.

Water wise lawn management is a powerful resource within the landscaping cost reduction toolkit, and we are here to aid you in getting the upper hand   on drought—so contact our team today.

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Smart Watering Systems in San Jose


How smart is your watering system? It might sound like a strange question, but these days, thanks to innovative technological developments, the watering infrastructure increasingly used in commercial, corporate, and HOA landscape maintenance holds the power to adjust automatically to changing weather patterns, increasing water-efficiency and ensuring that landscaping always looks at its absolute best.

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3 Things to Consider for Your Commercial Landscape Contractor

The type of landscape design that your commercial landscape contractor delivers for your next landscape renovation project matter more than many assume. Color, texture, water efficiency, unique plant material, sustainability, and overall maintenance will have a considerable impact.

There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of where you can find commercial landscape contractors in San Jose – Bay Area Ca, from community association institutions to an organic google search on the internet.

So how do you know you are selecting the right San Jose Ca commercial landscape company?

Here are 3 key factors to consider before your next Landscape Renovation.

1. Finding A HOA – Commercial Landscape Designer

Finding an exceptional HOA- commercial landscape design company is a challenge when it comes to discovering the best options available for climate appropriate landscaping, water conservation, ones that are low maintenance and environmentally sound.

When it comes to HOA Landscape Design, the options from a homeowners association and condominium landscape contractor are many, from sub surface drip watering systems, to efficient irrigation innovations you can get are seemingly endless. However, an excess of unfamiliar choices is not always the best thing.

There is a plethora of commercial landscape companies that are not necessarily landscape architects and commercial landscape designers in the bay area, some may provide ideas and colored renderings that seem to be pretty in digital format.

Sadly, many of these designers are cloning antiquated designs of bay area business developments, but they are not necessarily unique, different or designed for long term drought defense.

Climate appropriate plant selections are better suited for the bay area, especially when it comes to the fast pace climate change, drought and sequestering carbon.

So how do you find the right commercial landscape company? For example, if you are looking for a HOA Landscape Contractor, look for a commercial landscape contractor that specializes in HOA & Condominium Landscape Design.  

With today’s fast changing technology, it makes sense that you find a commercial landscape contractor that can provide aesthetically pleasing designs with a curvature approach to drought-stricken areas such as San Jose and the surrounding Bay Area Ca.

2. Taking Drought and Climate into Context

With the pressure of climate change and the drought, water conservation should be in the mind of all HOA Landscape Companies, and it is at FloraTerra Landscape Management in San Jose Ca.

According with recent studies by the University of California, lawn consumes approximately 50% of the available potable water, many times, outpacing the cost of their monthly HOA landscape maintenance service.

To that point, water conservation and drought planning is a driving goal of FloraTerra Landscape Management in Redwood City CA.

3. Budget Friendly Landscape Designs

When searching for a commercial landscape designer, your budget is an important factor in the landscape process.

Although it is necessary to get high-quality work, aesthetically pleasing choices, you also don’t want to experience financial stress from spending thousands of dollars on the wrong types of plants and trees.

Many superior plant options are more expensive than the sea of sameness, outdated options. Even so, this does not mean that you need to change out your entire landscape. Sometimes less is more when it comes to renovating your landscaping.

There are versatile landscape designs that can be implemented over several phases rather than absorbing the cost of the entire project all at once.

Many factors are involved in the landscape planning process, such as your budget, particular landscape needs, and overall goals of your project.

Relax, we make water conservation easier.

Let our landscape design team in San Jose Ca drought proof your exterior with drought resilient landscaping, water efficient irrigation systems, and colorful flowers that offer sustainability. Our unique landscape designs are aesthetically pleasing, reduce water bills and conserve water to!

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Unlock The Cost Saving Potential With Effective Water Management

Commercial Office Landscape Maintenance, San Jose CA


Did you know that a trusted commercial landscape company in San Jose Ca is the ideal ally when it comes to saving on water costs?

Not only will a commercial landscaping contractor with the right know-how be able to beautify your outdoor spaces, but they can also help you conceptualize a water wise garden that looks fantastic all year round—come drought or heavy rain—while requiring far less in terms of watering and maintenance.

Better yet, the FloraTerra Design Group are experts in commercial water efficient landscape design & water management, we guide you through the proper process for accessing lawn replacement for city and municipal rebates.

With comprehensive understanding of the criteria to be met and how to cost-effectively realize the switch, a knowledgeable collaborator is a great person to have in your corner.

Read on to discover how effective water management can reduce your rates for good.

HOA- Condo Drought Landscape Design


Whether the green spaces in your care are HOA landscaping, corporate campus landscaping, or simply a private residence garden, there’s a lot to be said for connecting with a commercial landscape design company with a finger on the pulse of water conservation trends.

Contemporary approaches to water efficient landscape design offers an excellent value return, as water bills and labor costs are slashed through the creation of low maintenance spaces that showcase abundance in every season.

For property owners and managers keen to shrink the carbon footprint and environmental impact of their landscaping, this approach guarantees success.

A reduction in the need for gas powered maintenance equipment—or an elimination all together if FloraTerra’s eco-friendly electrical equipment is being used to tend to your landscape—means far less sound pollution and carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, the use of native plant types and soil-friendly techniques such as mulching eliminates the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides.

This can be a real boon for homeowners associations and commercial or corporate entities who wish to boost public perception.

With the right guidance from your Commercial Landscape Contractor in San Jose CA, it can also illuminate the path towards a desired LEED certification.


Many people don’t realize that the lawn they see from their window not only represents a substantial water and maintenance cost, but that replacing it may earn them a sizable and bank-balance-friendly rebate.

The place to start is with an affordable commercial landscaping company in San Jose Ca who knows how to streamline the rebate application and approval process.

Keep in mind that it’s vital not to begin the lawn replacement process until your application has been accepted.

Flora Terra is a selected and approved rebate specialist, with certified personnel and expert staff to guide you every step of the way.



Did you know that all irrigation systems are not created equal?

For example, a sprinkler-based system is bound to be highly inefficient, sending water far and wide at quite a speed.

This often leads to wasteful runoff, higher levels of evaporation, and soaring water costs.

In contrast, drip irrigation delivers water slowly to precision-targeted areas, ensuring that precious H2O reaches the intended plant roots rather than flowing elsewhere.

It’s food for thought that a drip system will deliver water in gallons per hour, while a traditional sprinkler system output is in gallons per minute.


Going a step further in terms of water efficiency, smart watering technology allows intelligently designed irrigation systems to automatically adjust water usage based on local weather conditions.

When this type of irrigation approach is combined with thoughtful site analysis and drought-resilient landscaping strategies, the outputs required to maintain spectacular green spaces are entirely transformed.

Our specialist landscape irrigation design division is always ready to help you realize the potential that comes with effective water management.

If you are ready to claim the rewards of such saving, turn to a Bay Area commercial landscape company that specializes in water management and irrigation systems.

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We Go The Extra Mile!

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Creating Drought Tolerant Landscape Designs That You Will Love

common area landscape services in San Jose Ca

Many people have certain preconceived notions that come to mind when they hear the term “drought tolerant landscaping”. However, in truth, there is immense versatility to be discovered in water wise landscaping techniques.

A garden can be low maintenance and sustainable while creating all sorts of aspirational aesthetic impressions—the methodology isn’t a mold you have to fit into, but rather a route to endless possibilities.

The difference is that when elegant green spaces are created intelligently, they can be resilient, abundant, relatively inexpensive to care for, and ready to handle the heat.

Crucially, drought tolerant landscape design means strategically mimicking natural systems. We can lay mulch that reduces water evaporation and protects the soil just as the leaf fall under a tree does.

We can choose native plant species that have evolved over centuries to ride out the Bay Area’s heat waves with abundance and grace.

By letting nature take the lead and supporting the myriad of complex natural systems that make soil rich and fertile and attract beautiful pollinators, we can harness the innate efficiency of the outdoors.

This process begins in partnership with a Bay Area commercial landscape contractor who specializes in drought tolerance, just like FloraTerra.

Realizing Dream Drought Tolerant Landscape Designs

Collaborating with a commercial landscape designer is a process that should meet your needs uniquely. It’s not only about creating a space that will conserve water with smart irrigation technology, reduce carbon outputs and chemical use, and protect air and water quality.

It is about manifesting beautiful landscaping that will enrich the lives of those who encounter it. Your landscape design expert will guide you in considering the structure of the place.

Preexisting features such as buildings and driveways, and establishes shrubs and trees will be incorporated into the design process.

From there, your landscaping survey becomes a canvas upon which a fresh and bold space can be imagined.

The way your landscaping will be used—or more importantly, could be used—is pivotal for achieving an innovative outdoor experience.

hoa landscaping service, bay area ca

The landscape design of an HOA property may harness the potential for a play area, outdoor dining space, exercise area, or even an organic edible garden.

A corporate campus could feature seating for sunny-day meetings, while a retail location could offer spaces designed specifically to provide shoppers with a tranquil recharging opportunity before the next wave of retail therapy.

For the gardens of estates and private homes, drought tolerant landscaping can serve as an extension of the indoors, flowing cohesively and functionally so that the splendor of the garden can be enjoyed whenever the urge arises.

Creating Breathtaking Views and “Rooms” in the Garden college campus landscape service

It can be useful to create a list of how you would like the landscaping that frames your property to be used, thinking of different areas as you would rooms of the house.

It’s also valuable to thing about where the landscape will be viewed from. Which windows would best serve up an inspiring sight for those inside? Which pathways will receive the most footfall, and will landscaping curb appeal give a real boost to your home, business, or venture?

From there, your Bay Area commercial landscape designer will begin the work of curating a layout, with different zones reflecting not only how they will be used, but also groupings of plants with similar water needs, canopy planting for optimal shade and soil protection, and more.

Reaching the point If considering materials can be exciting for those intrigued by drought tolerant landscape design.

Your go-to Bay Area landscaping expert explain how certain mulch or hardscape materials can help you reduce your water bill and protect the watershed while achieving year-round beauty.

They can also help you explore the possibility of using recycled or reclaimed materials. Together, you can consider height, form, color, and flow, combining interesting textures and surfaces with verdant foliage and floral displays.

Working with your budget and time-frame clearly in mind, the process can begin. It’s time to realize a dynamic drought tolerant landscape design that will grow and evolve with great strength, because that’s what it’s been designed to do.

Claiming the Rewards of Drought Tolerant Landscape Designs

Here at FloraTerra, we are huge advocates of the many transformative health and wellness benefits of Bay Area landscaping.

Sustainable and low maintenance landscapes are powerful spaces within which to experience reduced stress, enhanced creativity, and improved overall wellbeing—advantages that can be appreciated on any type of landscaped property.

When those benefits are combined with the peace of mind that comes with lower water use and maintenance costs—thanks to tactics such as xeriscaping, efficient irrigation, and the use of native plant species—landscaping becomes a thing that offers bountiful returns rather than a space that drains resources.

When you combine FloraTerra’s comprehensive landscape irrigation service with other lifestyle water saving strategies, savings can be substantial. Most importantly, drought no longer needs to be a cause for concern.

Call us to schedule a consultation 408.275.1200.

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Why the Right Commercial Landscape Company Is Essential

common area landscape services in San Jose Ca

Why the Right Commercial Landscape Company Is Essential for Your HOA & Condominium Association

Whether elegantly framing a rolling estate or a state-of-the-art luxury condominium complex, there can be no doubt that spectacular commercial landscaping company plays an important role in creating a setting that is truly a pleasure to inhabit. In the care and maintenance of such properties, a great deal of thought inevitably goes into the infrastructure, site amenities, and services that make it so.

However, it is vital to remember that the living facets of your precious asset also require strategic guardianship. In this sense, the right Condominium- HOA Landscape Company is a valuable ally indeed.

One might imagine that the HOA- condominium landscape services of a residential community property would be quite different from those of a commercial office or corporate property—and that is true to a limited extent, for example in terms of parking lot sweeping—but owners and managers of estates or luxury apartments should expect the same band width of services, 24/7 support, and critical budgetary understanding from their commercial landscaper’s.

In this sense, commercial landscape companies are not all created equal. So, what exactly are the traits that one might look out for when scoping out an optimal landscape contractor?

Examining the Scope of All Inclusive Landscape Services

Inevitably, the service requirements of a luxury homeowners association or substantial estate will be diverse and unique in nature.

From HOA landscape design to condominium landscape water management, from seasonal pruning, flowers, mulch, to irrigation maintenance, commercial tree care and more—can your HOA – Condo Landscape Contractor offer every facet in-house?

Many landscaping providers seem to offer excellent value at first glance, but will add a substantial markup when sub-contracting specialized landscape services that their own team cannot facilitate or that they are simply ill equipped for.

When evaluating a commercial landscape company for your property’s needs, ensuring that they are able to provide all of the services that you may require now and, in the future, will inevitably offer greater value for money in the long run.

A High-Caliber Landscape Company Will Strategize and Report

For example, when selecting a HOA Landscaper for a substantial community, is it vital to choose one with demonstrable experience in overseeing the care of similarly scaled property.

This is the best way to establish that they have the insight to understand and anticipate your needs, and the capacity for a unique HOA landscape design, water management and execute accurate budgetary proposals.

Landscaping costs should never become a financial runaway train—decision made and action taken should be the result of careful planning with return on investment in mind.

Furthermore, you should expect your trusted HOA & Condominium Landscape Contractor to engage the appropriate tools and systems, enabling them to provide detailed proposals, monthly reporting, and live tracking of upcoming maintenance orders.

The Importance of Clear Communication and 24/7 Support

Observing the communication of any potential landscape contractor is an excellent way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

If a company is spotty in their responses when trying to secure your contract, you can be certain that their service will only deteriorate moving forward.

In contrast, a company that responds promptly and articulately through all channels—demonstrating a full understanding of your RFP—is far more worthy of consideration.

Further factors to keep on your commercial landscape company must-have list include the practice of assigning clients a primary point of contact—someone who will comprehensively get to know you, your staff, and your property—and assurance of 24/7 emergency support.

From a broken main water line to a fallen tree branch, these unplanned occurrences may well happen from time to time, and knowing that your landscape service is just a phone call away, providing ultimate peace of mind.

Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Company That Prioritizes Sustainability

Far beyond the valuable contribution that sustainable landscaping practices provide to the environment, they also play a core role in reducing the financial demands of maintaining such marvelous green spaces.

For example, smart irrigation technology can allow gardens to thrive while dramatically reducing your property’s water bill. Soil-protecting ground cover can reduce maintenance costs thanks to the reduction of herbicides, labor, and water.

According with ABC News, American yards are quietly going electric. The transition to electric products is gaining momentum,” said John Wyatt, senior vice president of outdoor at manufacturer Stanley Black and Decker. 

Contemporary sustainable approaches to landscaping have become attuned to working with natures rhythms, rather than against them, manifesting spectacular and decadent landscapes that offer not only style, but also resilience in the face of bay area droughts.

According with the Washington Post, energy efficient electric landscaping equipment offers far less in the way of sound pollution—in fact many machines are now close to silent—meaning that your verdant oasis can remain a sea of calm, even during your landscape maintenance.

Seek Out Those Who Serve Prestigious Properties in the Bay Area

When seeking a commercial landscape company for an estate or homeowners’ association, it is well worth assessing the finer details in your agreement.

A proposal that seems too good to be true is almost inevitably just that, suggesting corners may be cut or hidden costs may emerge on the road ahead. Instead, choose a commercial landscaping contractor with the demeanor, skill set, and track record befitting of a property of such esteem.

FloraTerra has been proudly and diligently serving many of the most prestigious properties in our unique and beautiful region for decades. We care passionately about not only meeting but exceeding the standards that our clients have come to expect.

Commercial Landscape Design with Water Conservation in Mind

As water management specialists, our commercial landscape design team specialize in transforming outdated, older landscaping into sustainable artistic landscaping. Our water conserving designs include climate adapted trees-plants, weather-based technology, and colorful verdant landscaping that boasts curb appeal. 

Reducing Energy & Water Costs with Modern Technology

Ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to daily changing weather patterns. They generally over-water your landscape, leaving you with expensive water bills and major property damage.

According with a press release by the Rain Bird Corporation, Wi Fi Smart Irrigation Controllers help save water, “now HOA’s and commercial landscapers alike, can have a beautiful landscape and save water while operating their irrigation system from the convenience of their Android® or Apple® mobile device”.

To that point, intelligent smart controllers save money and time by eliminating over-watering. Enjoy healthier landscapes while protecting the environment and reducing expensive utility bills.

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Celebrate World Landscape Architecture Month with FloraTerra

Commercial Landscape Architects Company, Bay Area CA

Celebrate World Landscape Architecture Month With FloraTerra

April is almost upon us, and with it comes World Landscape Architecture Month in 2022; a global celebration of all things related to landscape architecture and landscape design. This wonderful tribute to our outdoor spaces places joyful emphasis on the way that landscaping can transform lives globally, improving health and happiness through its presence, vibrancy, and innate nature-connection.

The annual event focuses on the space within which landscape design and architectural elements intersect. According with Earth, (WLAM) world landscape architect month was first established by the (ASLA) American Society of Landscape Architects, it provides us all with an opportunity to revel in the way that green spaces give back. Better yet, it’s always an exciting opportunity to glean the latest insights from this important facet of our industry, and a great time to spot emerging landscaping trends that will inevitably trickle out into broader landscape design and maintenance practices.

Last year’s, 2021 theme for World Landscape Architecture Month was “Growing Together”, and while the role that landscaping plays in strengthening communities is always a central thread, we are curious to know what this year’s theme might be. Read on to discover some of the areas of landscape design that are currently under the spotlight:

Sustainability in Landscape Design

Whether Landscape Design for Condominiums & HOA’s, institutional, or commercial settings, sustainability is set to take its final steps from the fringe into center stage. This makes perfect sense when we consider that sustainability offers a dual reward.

When commercial landscape designers prioritize sustainability, not only is environmental impact lessened, but costs for property owners and managers are reduced.

Thanks to practices such as clever water conservation concepts, choosing native plant species, opting for drought-tolerant and low-maintenance landscape design, and the use of recycled materials, here we discover a trend that benefits us and the earth in equal measure.

Tackling Climate Change with Green Strategies

When its impact remains unchecked, to that point the secretariat at United Nations Climate Change, ‘climate change poses a substantial risk to global stability, communities and enterprises alike. Happily, revolutionary approaches to landscape design that favor working in tandem with natural systems rather than against them can make all the difference, both in terms of lessening the blow and reducing potential contributions to the problem.

Within landscape architecture and landscape design circles, landscaping is increasingly being seen as critical green infrastructure—able to contribute to safeguarding air and water quality, reducing urban temperatures, and protecting against the risk of flood or fire.

The Health Benefits of Access to Nature

We’ve reported on the health benefits of exposure to green spaces many times here at FloraTerra, simply because we think this magical trait of landscaping is something that everyone should be aware of. Evidence abounds that time spent among foliage can reduce stress, alleviate depression, increase productivity, stimulate creativity, improve blood pressure, and even reduce mortality.

According with Love Your, their are many environmental and health benefits when it comes to outdoor landscaping.

The great news is that we don’t need to escape to the mountains or the woods to make the most of this fantastic quality of nature. The green spaces that surround us in our everyday lives—the landscaping that surrounds your HOA, your office building, your favorite mall, and even your home—can give you the same powerful health boosts. Awareness of this should always be regarded as a key motivator in contemporary landscape design.

Making Landscape Design Universally Accessible

While certain aspects of global politics may leave us feeling less than optimistic at present, it is vital to remember that marvelous work is being done across countless areas in terms of inclusivity. Within the sphere of landscape design, this takes shape in the form of spaces that welcomes everyone—whether they are young and abled, or navigating the joys of nature with visual, physical, or auditory disabilities; or neurodevelopmental or neurocognitive disorders.

ADA is an important aspect of commercial landscape design and architecture, to that point, (ASLA) associated landscape architecture magazine shares 10 ways the (ADA) American disabilities act will affect landscape architects, especially when when it comes to the (ADA) regulations. The Americans with Disabilities Act of course means that landscaped public spaces must cater to certain criteria, but excitingly, a new wave of landscape designers are taking this idea so much further, creating green environments that are truly accessible to all. 

The Thrilling Evolution of Landscape Design

While nature’s own designs are inevitably timeless, the field of landscape design is an ever-evolving thing. As we look back on our service to clients across the Bay Area over the last decades, there can be no doubt that it is this constant opportunity to learn and grow that keeps us ever passionate about what we do.

When partnering with FloraTerra for your commercial landscape design and maintenance needs, you choose a collaborator who is leaning into the progression of contemporary landscaping, and who will always offer you the latest ideas, the most efficient techniques, and the most innovative design solutions.

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7 Aspects of an HOA Landscape Company


Selecting the right HOA Landscape Company is easier said than done, Hoa Landscape Services is typically one of the largest expenses on an HOA’s income statement, and your HOA Landscape Company plays a vital role in maintaining property values, occupancy rates and attracting new buyers.

Sustainable HOA Landscape Company: HOA & Condo Landscape Company should include what is best for our environment. Important aspects include cost efficiency, procuring local products and materials, water efficient landscape design, green waste recycling, OMRI certified organic based pesticides, smart watering technology, mulching to reduce water, weeds, and maintenance, using drought-resistant plants, native plant species that are indigenous to the local bay area.

HOA & Condo Landscaping Services: All landscape companies are not created equal; consider the services offered, basic HOA landscaping includes landscape maintenance, irrigation repairs, irrigation upgrades, water management, commercial landscape design and installation, concrete, stone, drainage, and commercial tree care. What services will be offered in the house? will any of these services be subcontracted through a 3rd party? Keep in mind that a contractor typically marks up specialty contractors by 15-30%.

Pricing, why question the low baller? You have many choices when it comes to finding a top-notch HOA landscape Company. If the price seems amazingly low, there is a reason why. Let me explain, some companies come in with low pricing because they are desperate to get the work; they are cutting corners, or perhaps missed a very important aspect of your scope. Price should always be a key consideration when selecting an HOA landscape contractor; however, it shouldn’t be the primary choice. Keep in mind, going with the low bid could potentially cost you in the long run, so be aware that it may cost you in hidden extra costs, deferred maintenance conditions, potential hazards- liabilities, dead plant & lawn replacements just to name a few.

Clear & Prompt Communication: Clear communication is essential for responding to routine requests and calls, including emergencies from time to time. A commitment to excellence should always be a part of your Home Owners Association Landscape Service; this would include returning telephone calls and emails promptly. Your association should have a single point of contact; this individual should be detailed, must have excellent verbal and communication skills, and should be familiar with every aspect of your association property.

Cloud-Based Work Orders: FloraTerra has an electronic work order system for simple service requests, budget requests, concerns that can be submitted electronically. Then, we can track the service request for completion and follow-up.
You can always be sure that all requests are tracked and monitored through our electronic system. Requests are expedited swiftly and channeled to the appropriate department, and our management staff is alerted electronically via email and text. It also ensures a timely outcome.

Quality Compliance: A part of an HOA landscape Company service should entail a monthly report identifying upcoming maintenance items, including completed and pending work orders. The quality of work should show in every detail, it’s essential to show continuous improvement in order to increase occupancy rates, boost retention and increase property value.

24/7 Emergency Response: Management staff should include a 24/7 emergency response number for unscheduled activities such as running water, a fallen tree branch or other landscape hazards. Managers should be able to reach their landscapers at any time, throughout the day, night or weekend

Look no further, our HOA Landscape Company supports community managers in every way, FloraTerra Landscape Management has over 25 Years of experience maintaining large HOA Communities, condominiums, and multi-family complexes. We specialize in HOA landscape services, including landscape enhancements, design, weekly maintenance, water management, and HOA tree care. We have you covered.

HOA owners, commercial developers and community association managers across the bay area use FloraTerra. Area’s of service include Santa Clara County, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo County, Palo Alto, Redwood Shores, Foster City, Alameda County, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Alameda.

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ABOUT FloraTerra Landscape Management

FloraTerra Landscape Management has over 25 Years of experience specializing in large HOA communities, condominiums, and multi-family complexes. Our services, include landscape enhancements, design, weekly maintenance, water management, and HOA tree care. We have you covered.

We Go, Where You Go!

HOA owners, commercial land developers and community associations across the bay area use FloraTerra Landscape Management. Areas of service include Santa Clara County, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo County, Palo Alto, Redwood Shores, Foster City, Alameda County, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Alameda.


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