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How to Recession-Proof Your Commercial Landscape Service

Do you want to know how to recession-proof your commercial landscaping service for the future? Having proudly served large-property clients throughout the Bay Area for decades, we’re confident that the longevity of commercial landscape company FloraTerra comes down to our dedication to listening to the concerns of clients just like you and meeting these kinds of needs with innovation and precision.

Over the last five years, particularly since the beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed prestigious businesses strive to increase their financial resilience, building strength into the foundations of their enterprise and property management strategies. Fundamentally, we’ve heard a call to action—a challenge to further recession-proof our approach to commercial landscape design and maintenance—and that is a call that we have been excited to answer!

Our clients know that great landscaping is an investment that will put their brands on the map. However, building resilience into that investment means creating bold, verdant, and dynamic landscapes that are low-maintenance, minimally water-demanding, and drought-resistant at their core. That’s why we developed our Clean and Green® value engineered commercial landscape maintenance service; a toolkit to cut landscaping costs by up to 40%. So, read on to discover what this can mean for your property!

A Financially Savvy Strategy Starts With Analysis

When financial uncertainty or recession bites, slashing landscaping costs can seem like a logical next step. However, maintaining attractive green areas and keeping up curb appeal is a powerful competitive strategy when it comes to attracting and retaining top clients and employee talent when times are economically tough. The solution to this conundrum is to analyze landscape maintenance needs and find efficiencies to embrace before claiming room to maneuverer.

In the long run, any landscaping corners cut during a period of upheaval will ultimately represent escalating future costs to recover, remove, or replace landscaping installations. Poorly maintained irrigation can lead to leaks and runaway water costs. However, cost-reducing enhancements like installing water-saving drip irrigation, drought-tolerant plants, and low-maintenance xeriscaping can mean establishing a foundation now that will allow you to sail through future challenges unscathed.

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Re-Appraising Your Commercial Landscape Service

As global economic volatility continues to rumble, there has never been a better time to have a forward-looking plan in place for your recession-proof commercial landscaping service. Reduced cost commercial landscape maintenance means being proactive about cost planning and identifying contingencies.

This can include more obvious things like forecasting maintenance demands and assessing the sustainability of projects already in the pipeline, but also triaging lanscaping zones by value, such as property frontage, outdoor seating areas, and corporate insignias to safeguard your most important living green assets to optimize ROI in a way that will support endurance in any storm.

Capture Savings With Water Conservation

For any commercial landscape service, watering and irrigation represent one of the most costly commercial landscape maintenance aspects. However, many property owners and commercial site managers don’t realize that poor water management is ramping up their monthly costs and by extension, reducing their recession-readiness.

Making substantial money savings in this area is a specialty of the water management team here at FloraTerra. Our Bay Area landscape and the escalating water costs that impact so many of our clients make our landscape water conservation services more vital than ever, and undoubtedly worth your while.

Beyond the dramatic cost reductions that come with improving irrigation efficiencies and repairing or replacing antiquated infrastructure, we can guide you toward local rebates and incentive schemes in your area, advise on whether your local water agencies provide free water audit assistance or provide this service ourselves, help you identify if a reclaimed water installation may be worth pursuing, and so much more.

Thinking Outside the Box For Recession Proofing

Ultimately, each commercial landscape service is unique, with every enterprise navigating its own set of financial priorities and challenges. Happily, we have spent years honing a broad and scalable low-cost commercial landscape management plan ideal for reducing your landscaping costs and providing you with confidence in the face of future uncertainties.

The Public Policy Institute of California has highlighted that as we enter 2024, ours is a state that is excelling when it comes to financial resilience. Knowing this, we say there’s no reason why commercial landscaping should be overlooked in this regard. By weighing factors ranging from local weather patterns to the latest efficient technologies at our disposal, we can effectively transform your landscaping for the better.

For a tailored and site-specific budget that outlines how our seasoned recession-proof landscaping experts can save you money, contact the FloraTerra team today.

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