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Make Dramatic Water Cost Savings with Insider Tips from an HOA Landscape Designer

Life in the Bay Area of California comes with a generous annual dose of mood-boosting sunshine, but that also brings with it a tendency towards drought and the associated landscaping challenges. Residents and business owners alike can attest to the escalating water prices in recent years. This makes water conservation an essential focus for effective commercial landscape maintenance.

Great landscaping is a value-enhancing asset to any property, but you might find yourself worrying about how much water you’ll need to keep those attractive green spaces looking vibrant year-round. Fortunately for all, things like contemporary drought-tolerant landscape design, the latest irrigation technology, and an intelligent approach to plant choices can collectively drive down water consumption dramatically.

Better yet, when it comes to an HOA landscape designer in Redwood City Ca, there are even more tactics at your disposal for reducing costs and bolstering your eco-credentials—if you can tap the right expert’s resources. Today, we aim to help you in that very area by presenting a range of insider tips. Read on to make tangible savings on your landscaping costs with guidance from a landscape contractor who has mastered the art of water conservation and more!

Drought-Smart Landscape Design Adds Real Property Appeal

Whether your commercial landscaping frames a desirable HOA property, a retail destination, or a buzzing corporate campus, an eco-friendly and visually captivating landscape design is sure to encourage a higher caliber of residents, customers, or talent.

Happily, drought-tolerant HOA & Condominium Landscape Design offers a bounty of rewards, ensuring that water and maintenance costs are minimal as your plantscapes mature, enhancing your environmentally-friendly reputation with those that matter most, and even building towards successful LEED Building Certification. Talk to an expert commercial landscaping company like FloraTerra to leverage these kinds of benefits!

Landscaping Costs Can Be Offset By Available City and Municipal Rebates

The thought of a landscaping overhaul might seem intimidating, but did you know that you may be able to offset much of your investment with city and municipal rebates? With local authorities keen to encourage water conservation, impressive regional rebate programs see some single-family properties eligible to claim a total lifetime rebate cap of as much as $5,000 and multi-family locations as much as $65,000.

Navigating through the various hoops of landscaping rebate qualification can be complex, but as San Jose CLCA Certified Water Managers and approved rebate specialists, the FloraTerra team is always happy to assist our clients in this endeavor.

Thirsty Lawns Can Be Converted For Greater Style and Efficiency

Speaking of rebates, did you know that replacing a lawn with drought-tolerant landscaping can come with lawn replacement cash incentives as well as substantial water cost savings? For property owners and managers alike, this can be a huge budget saver.

We find that many of our clients are shocked to learn that a 20,000-foot lawn in the Bay Area might consume as much as 1,000,000 gallons of water annually! In contrast, drought-appropriate ground cover featuring exciting and verdant California-native and Mediterranean plant types will be far less thirsty. That represents a significant opportunity to save, freeing up resources for things that matter far more to your residents, clients, or visitors.

Contemporary Irrigation Systems Offer a Speedy ROI

An overhaul of an outdated sprinkler system might seem like an excessive investment, but the latest drip irrigation systems with weather-adaptive smart controllers quickly pay for themselves. In fact, you might not realize how inefficient sprinkler systems are under the strong Bay Area sun.

Crucially, conducting a landscape survey to improve water efficiency and making the switch to a smart irrigation system can actually cut the water consumption of your property in half—and that’s before you get into lawn replacements and rebate applications. Now we’re really making savings!

Sometimes the Simplest Solutions Can Reduce Water Costs

In truth, while a seasoned commercial landscape company known for creating incredible drought-tolerant spaces can certainly guide you through the complexities of installing recycled water systems, transitioning traditional landscaping to xeriscaping, and more, they should also have the wisdom to know that many solutions are simple, affordable, and dependable.

For example, the age-old art of mulching can reduce the amount that beds have to be watered by as much as two-thirds simply by shading and protecting the soil. In this sense, a truly great landscaping contractor will constantly strike a balance between a timeless understanding of nature and a finger on the pulse of the latest commercial landscaping advancements. As their client, you shouldn’t expect any less.

Established Water Management Services from FloraTerra

We have proudly been helping HOAs, retail business clients, corporate sites, and more across the Bay Area to save water and boost property values with spectacular landscaping for more than 25 years. Driven by a passion for outstanding service and a love for all things green, the FloraTerra Design Group is always excited to begin its journey with an unknown landscape and a new customer relationship.

If you’d like to explore sharing that adventure with us, call us on 408.275.1200 or Click Below. We’ll walk you through the water-saving and budget-friendly ways in which we can support your vision.

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