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How to Kick-Start an Amazing Relationship with Your HOA Landscaping Company

When launching into a bright new partnership with a San Jose Ca condominium and HOA landscape company, you may wonder how to get the best out of your budding agreement.

Landscaping always represents a substantial portion of any homeowner’s association budget, and as living, evolving things, the green spaces that frame such properties can seem like intangible assets with unquantifiable maintenance needs.

However, for a seasoned and trusted San Jose HOA landscape design service, efficiently maximizing the value and return of HOA landscaping isn’t a mystery.

Better yet, when you know how to work with expert landscapers effectively, you can guarantee fantastic results that reward every cent you invest.

A great example of this value in action can be found in how masterfully your HOA landscape Service in Redwood City Ca prioritize water conservation.

Even though California has lifted its 15% water conservation target for now, rolling shortages and rising water rates are a valid cause for concern among HOAs in the Bay Area.

The good news is that when your landscapers are certified Water Conservation Specialists, you can be confident that they will find powerful opportunities to reduce your water costs while keeping landscaping looking at its absolute best.

So, what else do you need to know about building a harmonious and prosperous bond with your landscaping company?

Follow these tips to get off on strong footing so that your HOA’s outdoor areas can go from strength to strength while remaining comfortably on-budget.

1. Be Ultra Clear About Your Goals

Sadly, far too many property managers fall into an unhealthy pattern with their landscapers of reactive rather than proactive spending.

This is a particular risk with less experienced landscape contractors who bite off more than they can chew. Mitigating such risk begins with choosing a veteran landscaping company with a proven track record and then starting off with a stellar game plan.

When your landscapers know exactly what you dream of for your HOA site, a clear and affordable budget can easily be developed.

The right landscaping company will ensure that you get the most from your initial walk-throughs so that well-formed plans can be laid.

2. Place Cost Reductions High on the Agenda

You might be surprised to know that something seemingly costly like a landscaping contract can open a door to substantial money savings in the long run.

At FloraTerra, we find that most of the landscapes placed in our care are loaded with opportunities for cost reductions. For example, transforming outdated and thirsty garden designs into incredible drought-tolerant spaces is an entirely achievable feat.

As a Homeowner Association Landscape Company in San Jose, Ca with a deep understanding of delivering seamless landscape maintenance under the challenges that come with our local climate, we always make it a priority to save our clients money, thus making our services entirely worth their while!

3. Modernize for Further Cost Savings

The art of water conservation, efficient landscape design, and property maintenance have all come a long way in recent years. For example, did you know that upgrading to modern irrigation equipment with smart weather-tracking controllers can save as much as 50% on water usage?

An HOA landscape service that knows how to implement the latest techniques, always applies appropriate irrigation schedules for our local climate, and uses the latest low-noise and energy-efficient equipment is just the ally to have in your corner.

They will be able to help you bring your property up to speed, ensuring that your landscaping spend is a source of comfort rather than a drag on resources.

4. Discuss Adaptability and Dynamism with Your Landscaper

Despite every possible precaution, every HOA landscape is vulnerable to the unexpected from time to time. This is exactly why a trusted landscape management expert will never aim to max out your landscaping budget, but rather leave room to maneuver.

There should always be resources in the kitty for things like a burst water main or storm damage, so make sure you partner with an HOA and condominium lawn maintenance service in San Jose CA who will be there for you in a crisis and is prepared for every eventuality.

Would you like to know more about how FloraTerra can support your HOA landscaping goals? From irrigation upgrades to tree care; from landscape design to lawn replacements: we’ve got you covered!

Contact our team today to experience this amazing collaborative landscaping relationship for yourself. Call 408.275.1200 or Click Below.

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