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A Commercial Landscape Company Mitigates Water Costs

Did you know that the thirstiest feature of your landscape is inevitably its lawned areas? If you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone.

Across California, many gardens—whether decorating commercial, HOA, corporate, or estate properties—feature vast expanses of lawn that are rarely used and mostly only seen from a distance, and their water demands are substantial indeed.

These green expanses require considerable time and resources to maintain, with even small lawns drinking thousands of liters of water per year. Frequently, those overseeing these landscapes are unaware that lawn grass is the culprit behind their runaway water bills or crucially, that there are excellent cost-effective alternatives to explore.

Here at FloraTerra, we specialize in HOA & Condominium Landscape Design in the South Bay Area Ca, and we are ready to guide you towards landscape design solutions that reward with lower future costs and vibrant aesthetics that thrive no matter how lasting the next drought may be.

Read on as we explore how to effectively reduce the resource demands of your lawns or perhaps even reduce or replace them all together.

Intelligent Lawn Care in the California Climate

While lawns may indeed be thirsty presences within commercial landscaping, there are usually savings to be made without waving goodbye to them completely.

Many lawns across the Bay Area are given more water than needed, or watered inefficiently—either with too much provided at once, leading to runoff, or too little, leading to poor root depth and inadequate saturation.

Contemporary irrigation technologies and enhanced understanding of soil and water management allow us to perfect irrigation tactics during drought to minimize waste. By harnessing these approaches, we deliver affordable commercial lawn care in Santa Clara Ca and beyond.

Getting to Know Your Grass

Grass is grass, right? While this may appear to be the case to the untrained eye, in truth, all grasses are not created equal.

For example, warm-season grasses such as Bermuda will put on more growth in the summer, and be best suited to California’s inland locations.

Cool-season grasses such as fescue tend to surge in height during lower-temperature seasons, and while being somewhat less drought tolerant than their warm-season cousins, often do far better in coastal areas.

At FloraTerra a Commercial Landscape Company Located in San Jose Ca, we take great care to select the drought tolerant grasses that will be best suited to each unique location. We also work with our clients to prevent the signs of drought stress and dormancy—or aid in the recovery of lawns that have already endured damage.

Adaptive approaches include responsively reducing fertilization during drought, mowing to optimal grass height to enhance resilience, and streamlining irrigation schedules.

Indications that you can easily spot of lawn drought stress include wilting grass blades, a mottled appearance with tones of gray, yellow, or brown, and indentations that remain several minutes after foot traffic across the area.

Of course, at times a property owners’ hand may be forced to let a lawn fall into dormancy due to local hosepipe bans or financial limitations.

They will be reassured to know that most lawns can survive in this state for 3–6 weeks and be revived with a period of deep watering.

If you are faced with such challenges, turn to a HOA & Commercial Landscape Planning Company like FloraTerra Design Group for advice on drought resistant lawns and essential care for lawns that are dormant. Of course, a lawn alternative can be a valuable avenue to explore at this juncture, but first a note on irrigation!

Irrigating Lawns in a Bay Area Drought

Alongside how much water your lawn gets, when and how it is delivered is also vital in predicting successful maintenance. In most instances, water volumes can be reduced by 25-50% by alternating watering less or more deeply at certain times in the weekly schedule.

Slow, deep soaking can encourage deeper root growth, while shorter cycles minimize runoff and evaporation.

Irrigation should be calculated based on evaporation and transpiration factors, making it something of a science. However, this investigative process provides the ultimate benefit of shrinking water bills and a greatly improved landscaping aesthetic.

Irrigation systems should also be carefully maintained to avoid leaks and water misdirection. Physical inspections for broken heads and the use of soil moisture probes can confirm that water is being delivered as it should be.

Meanwhile, a specialist San Jose HOA and Condominium Lawn Maintenance Service provider like FloraTerra will be able to walk you through the ROI implications of upgrading to smart irrigation technology.

These are systems that automatically adjust based on temperatures and weather patterns. Crucially, our goal is to ensure that your landscaping becomes more cost effective over time, and we are always happy to provide guidance on what can be achieved within your budget.

Opting For Spectacular Lawn Replacement Solutions

There are countless options to consider in place of costly lawned areas.

While property owners may wish to retain some lawn spaces for relaxation, play, or aesthetic reasons, others may be supplemented with artistic xeriscaping, hardscaping, sheet mulching, and native-style beds and shrubberies.

Making these options all the more tempting, a diversity of rebates is available across California to those replacing lawn and upgrading irrigation under the right conditions.

FloraTerra is proud to provide our clients with support in navigating the various rebate schemes that can be accessed alongside lawn replacement in California.

Depending on your location and the nature and size of your landscape design, we are happy to connect you with the right authority and provide advice on what is possible and the steps to follow in meeting necessary requirements.

If you are ready to discover an HOA landscape company creating incredible drought tolerant outdoor spaces in San Jose and beyond, we are waiting to hear from you.

Water wise lawn management is a powerful resource within the landscaping cost reduction toolkit, and we are here to aid you in getting the upper hand   on drought—so contact our team today.

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