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Transitioning Your Commercial Landscape Service from Winter to Spring

It’s welcome news that half of California, including the Bay Area, is now no longer in drought. This certainly bodes well for getting our region’s most spectacular commercial landscapes off to a good start this season. However, it’s no reason to let our guard down as another hot and dry summer surely lies ahead.

Effective water management and drought-resistant landscape design are just two of the priorities that should be high on the list of all working in landscaping at this time of year. In this regard, the transition from winter to spring is a key time to lay a firm foundation for gardens that will thrive right through until the end of the year, no matter how extreme the weather becomes.

In fact, as any commercial property owner knows, it is so essential that the landscapes framing commercial settings offer aesthetic appeal 365 days per year. This requires always looking ahead, which is certainly part of our modus operandi here at FloraTerra Landscape Management.

Winter to Spring Landscaping Checklist

If you are already among our valued clients, then you’ll be confident that the following essential tips are already in hand. However, if you are beginning a new collaborative landscaping journey as the first seasonal changes of the year get underway, here are some great pointers to get you started on a strong footing right away.

1. Audit for Seasonal Property Damage

Winter often brings frost, heavy rain, strong winds, and sometimes all three at once. No matter how well your commercial landscape contractor prepares ahead of time, there may still be repairs to make. Hardscaping often bears the brunt of exposure to the elements while cold-sensitive plants can suffer frost damage whenever temperatures dip too low.

It’s handy to keep in mind that certain winter impacts may already be covered within your commercial landscaping contract while others may extend beyond it. In either case, your trusted contractor will be able to advise on the best options for a quick remedy as well as how to mitigate future risk.

2. Conduct Post-Winter Tree Care

Trees will inevitably suffer storm damage from time to time, making now an excellent moment to call in one of our talented Bay Area Commercial Arborists for an aesthetic and safety-related tidy-up.

Your commercial landscaping maintenance company should also make quick work of removing or replacing tree stakes that are no longer serving their purpose. These tall-standing poles play an essential role in supporting young trees in their first few years but should always be removed when broken or no longer required.

3. Schedule Hardscape Cleaning and Maintenance

As the winter’s temperamental weather patterns gently fade, the time arrives to clear away any debris or residues found on high-profile patios, walkways, and stairways. Leaves and runoff from nearby banks can leave these areas in need of a good pressure wash. Fortunately, your commercial landscape contractor will soon have them looking as good as new and ready to welcome the spring’s busy footfall.

4. Clear Away Remaining Plant Debris 

The best approach for year-round commercial landscaping is to regularly clear dead material from green spaces during the colder months. However, recurring waves of cold weather will mean that a final clear-away is a must before spring growth resumes.

A seasoned commercial landscaper will be keen to clean up ornamentally planted areas during this optimal window before applying spring mulches and ensuring that every plant has the perfect foundation upon which to build. Removing organic debris is also an important part of fire-preventive landscaping and strategic pest control.

5. Perform a Timely Irrigation Audit

The transition from winter to spring is the perfect time to carefully audit your irrigation systems, ensuring that everything is operating optimally and that there is no frost or wear damage. The FloraTerra team are experts in irrigation design and installation so they’ll certainly zip through this task.

It is important that water is delivered where it will be needed—you won’t want a misalignment to leave you watering your walls or parking lot. Plus, an unnoticed irrigation leak now will mean escalating water bills later, so consider this process a wise investment if it isn’t already included in your commercial landscaping contract. Not to mention, if you don’t already have a contemporary irrigation setup, we may be able to guide you through accessing associated rebates.

Let’s Discuss Your Pre-Season Landscaping Priorities

Alongside essential winter-to-spring maintenance, this part of the year provides an excellent opportunity to get together and talk through your landscaping aspirations for the seasons ahead. A joint on-site meeting will allow us to confirm ongoing maintenance schedules and plan special projects such as infrastructure upgrades or fun floral planting schemes to add a dose of extra color.

By taking the time to touch base, we can cover any hot-button concerns that you may have, refine forward planning, and schedule future follow-ups. We can ensure that landscaping maintenance continues to align with your budget and service expectations, while also discussing whether you require water-wise landscape enhancements to reduce your property’s running costs. Crucially, the better we understand your needs, the better we can ensure that your dollar spend yields the best possible returns in support of your long-term goals.
Are you ready to get started with a commercial landscape company that always prioritizes your best interests? Request a consultation with your local FloraTerra Landscape Professional today. We’ll come and meet you in person, create a customized plan for your specific service needs, and help you take your property to the next level. Get in touch today to find out more.

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Why the Right Commercial Landscape Company Is Essential

common area landscape services in San Jose Ca

Why the Right Commercial Landscape Company Is Essential for Your HOA & Condominium Association

Whether elegantly framing a rolling estate or a state-of-the-art luxury condominium complex, there can be no doubt that spectacular commercial landscaping company plays an important role in creating a setting that is truly a pleasure to inhabit. In the care and maintenance of such properties, a great deal of thought inevitably goes into the infrastructure, site amenities, and services that make it so.

However, it is vital to remember that the living facets of your precious asset also require strategic guardianship. In this sense, the right Condominium- HOA Landscape Company is a valuable ally indeed.

One might imagine that the HOA- condominium landscape services of a residential community property would be quite different from those of a commercial office or corporate property—and that is true to a limited extent, for example in terms of parking lot sweeping—but owners and managers of estates or luxury apartments should expect the same band width of services, 24/7 support, and critical budgetary understanding from their commercial landscaper’s.

In this sense, commercial landscape companies are not all created equal. So, what exactly are the traits that one might look out for when scoping out an optimal landscape contractor?

Examining the Scope of All Inclusive Landscape Services

Inevitably, the service requirements of a luxury homeowners association or substantial estate will be diverse and unique in nature.

From HOA landscape design to condominium landscape water management, from seasonal pruning, flowers, mulch, to irrigation maintenance, commercial tree care and more—can your HOA – Condo Landscape Contractor offer every facet in-house?

Many landscaping providers seem to offer excellent value at first glance, but will add a substantial markup when sub-contracting specialized landscape services that their own team cannot facilitate or that they are simply ill equipped for.

When evaluating a commercial landscape company for your property’s needs, ensuring that they are able to provide all of the services that you may require now and, in the future, will inevitably offer greater value for money in the long run.

A High-Caliber Landscape Company Will Strategize and Report

For example, when selecting a HOA Landscaper for a substantial community, is it vital to choose one with demonstrable experience in overseeing the care of similarly scaled property.

This is the best way to establish that they have the insight to understand and anticipate your needs, and the capacity for a unique HOA landscape design, water management and execute accurate budgetary proposals.

Landscaping costs should never become a financial runaway train—decision made and action taken should be the result of careful planning with return on investment in mind.

Furthermore, you should expect your trusted HOA & Condominium Landscape Contractor to engage the appropriate tools and systems, enabling them to provide detailed proposals, monthly reporting, and live tracking of upcoming maintenance orders.

The Importance of Clear Communication and 24/7 Support

Observing the communication of any potential landscape contractor is an excellent way to sort the wheat from the chaff.

If a company is spotty in their responses when trying to secure your contract, you can be certain that their service will only deteriorate moving forward.

In contrast, a company that responds promptly and articulately through all channels—demonstrating a full understanding of your RFP—is far more worthy of consideration.

Further factors to keep on your commercial landscape company must-have list include the practice of assigning clients a primary point of contact—someone who will comprehensively get to know you, your staff, and your property—and assurance of 24/7 emergency support.

From a broken main water line to a fallen tree branch, these unplanned occurrences may well happen from time to time, and knowing that your landscape service is just a phone call away, providing ultimate peace of mind.

Choosing a Landscape Maintenance Company That Prioritizes Sustainability

Far beyond the valuable contribution that sustainable landscaping practices provide to the environment, they also play a core role in reducing the financial demands of maintaining such marvelous green spaces.

For example, smart irrigation technology can allow gardens to thrive while dramatically reducing your property’s water bill. Soil-protecting ground cover can reduce maintenance costs thanks to the reduction of herbicides, labor, and water.

According with ABC News, American yards are quietly going electric. The transition to electric products is gaining momentum,” said John Wyatt, senior vice president of outdoor at manufacturer Stanley Black and Decker. 

Contemporary sustainable approaches to landscaping have become attuned to working with natures rhythms, rather than against them, manifesting spectacular and decadent landscapes that offer not only style, but also resilience in the face of bay area droughts.

According with the Washington Post, energy efficient electric landscaping equipment offers far less in the way of sound pollution—in fact many machines are now close to silent—meaning that your verdant oasis can remain a sea of calm, even during your landscape maintenance.

Seek Out Those Who Serve Prestigious Properties in the Bay Area

When seeking a commercial landscape company for an estate or homeowners’ association, it is well worth assessing the finer details in your agreement.

A proposal that seems too good to be true is almost inevitably just that, suggesting corners may be cut or hidden costs may emerge on the road ahead. Instead, choose a commercial landscaping contractor with the demeanor, skill set, and track record befitting of a property of such esteem.

FloraTerra has been proudly and diligently serving many of the most prestigious properties in our unique and beautiful region for decades. We care passionately about not only meeting but exceeding the standards that our clients have come to expect.

Commercial Landscape Design with Water Conservation in Mind

As water management specialists, our commercial landscape design team specialize in transforming outdated, older landscaping into sustainable artistic landscaping. Our water conserving designs include climate adapted trees-plants, weather-based technology, and colorful verdant landscaping that boasts curb appeal. 

Reducing Energy & Water Costs with Modern Technology

Ordinary irrigation systems cannot adjust to daily changing weather patterns. They generally over-water your landscape, leaving you with expensive water bills and major property damage.

According with a press release by the Rain Bird Corporation, Wi Fi Smart Irrigation Controllers help save water, “now HOA’s and commercial landscapers alike, can have a beautiful landscape and save water while operating their irrigation system from the convenience of their Android® or Apple® mobile device”.

To that point, intelligent smart controllers save money and time by eliminating over-watering. Enjoy healthier landscapes while protecting the environment and reducing expensive utility bills.

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Bay Area Condominium HOA Landscaping Services

With more than two decades of experience, FloraTerra Landscape Management offers Bay Area Condominium HOA Landscaping Services in the San Jose, Bay area you can depend on. We provide outstanding customer service and know that quality work attracts people; curb appeal and boosts community value.

Our Bay Area Condominium HOA Landscaping Services Ensures:

  • Pro-active communication, monitoring and internal quality measurement.
  • Saving money on water and future landscaping costs.
  • Support condominium association leads with transparency and accountability.
  • Mitigating and identifying potential risk’s and safety hazards
  • Boosting community curb appeal, attracting new home owners, increase property value.
  • Timely information for budgets, reports and management team.

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Bay Area Condominium HOA Landscaping Services

Our Bay Area Condominium HOA Landscaping Services in San Jose and Santa Clara Is Only Part of What We Do:

Additional services include commercial tree care, landscape design, landscape development, landscape enhancements, irrigation & water management.

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